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How to build a motivated team?

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Building up a motivating and inspiring team is the long known key to flourish your business. Building a strong team is considered to be a very complicated task.

A team comprises of people with diverse backgrounds and interests who are working together to achieve a common goal.

Several team building activities that have helped in motivating the employees and making them feel valued are:-

  • Simplicity is the winner
    Team building is found to have positive and measurable impacts on team performance. The secret in building a great team is to keep things as simple as possible. Try to avoid creating awkward situations for members. Mixing personal feelings of team member with work life is not recommended.
  • Physical activities
    Taking out time from work for some light sports activities like badminton, table tennis, helps people to mingle with each other outside work space. The best activities are usually the ones which seek participation from all the team members.
  • Casual trips
    Small trips to parks and museums can also work wonders for the team. Employees get a break from their daily routine and are also provided a more conducive environment to strengthen their trust and relationship.
  • Lunch hours
    Spending time with team mates during lunch hours and sharing meals allows opportunities for casual conversations. Non-work discussions are also critical to build a great team that looks out for each other.
  • Remote teams
    Appreciate remote teams for the work they are doing. Communicating with them makes them feel that they are supported and appreciated even if they are working outside the office.
  • Brainstorming
    The reason behind working in groups or as teams is to generate best and novel ideas. Brainstorming is not considered to be a very good option in such teams to generate new ideas and plans due to several reasons. Creative members don’t generally express themselves fully. People also refrain from speaking as they know each and every idea will be judged. Developing new and innovative forms of brainstorming can help solve this problem.
  • Formation of sub-groups
    When team fractures into smaller teams, the overall performance suffers. It is the duty of the team leader to instil the feeling of unity in each member, and also resolve disputes & interdepartmental rivalries to create a positive goal-oriented environment.
  • Recognition
    Celebrate the success of the team on completion of tasks assigned. Honour the accomplishments with good food and a great social time for the team. Also, honouring employees for their exceptional performances will encourage team mates to earn rewards.


Such activities are a powerful way to build teams and connect people in an organisation. The focus is on developing strengths of every individual besides addressing their personal weaknesses.

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