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How to Build a Really Successful Viral Marketing Application?

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Excellent Webinar session with Rajat Garg about creating viral marketing applications that can take your brand to the next level. In this Webinar, he also discussed on how a Facebook App can help you to bring a huge amount of traffic to your page. There are basically 5 key points that a lot of apps usually miss out. These include permissions, interaction within app, friction less sharing, inviting friends and being mobile friendly.The entire session focuses on these key points.

Some of the questions that were addressed during the Webinar were:

Q. In the Webinar, you have spoken a lot about the guidelines to follow to ensure that we really get the viral reach that is available in terms of creating the engagement loop to make sure that the whole thing spreads quite fast and gets into the user’s newsfeed. But to get that initial set of users, what do you suggest should be done?

A. To this question Rajat Garg answered that companies like Make My Trip, Snapdeal and GoIbibo whenever they have used these kinds of apps, they already have a huge database. In fact, one of the organizations named, they have started working with a couple of magazines in US and are running contests with partnership with them. That helps in driving a lot of traffic towards the promotion that they are doing.

There are also communities of people that are interested in receiving free stuff by participating in various contests. If you post your contests, then you would be able to get a lot of traffic from those sites. Although, by these means you will get traffic but, this traffic would not be targeted. So, if you are targeting mothers that have recently given birth, you will find people even different from this niche. You cannot anyhow prevent these people from entering your contest.

Q. Permission is a great topic! Can an app access more data of a user than as defined in an app?

A. Not right away. If you look at companies such as HootSuite, they do not ask a lot of permissions upfront. But, what they do is they fake into the workflow like ‘I want to manage my Twitter account’ or ‘authorize your Twitter account and start managing it.’ In many of the cases, you do not even require authorizing it and you still do it. A good app will take into the workflow vs. asking all of that upfront. That is where the huge difference arises.

There are also ways to get data on people, but Facebook closes every loophole quite fast. Whatever exists today will not exist tomorrow and your app may get bad. Therefore, it is recommended not to enter in all such activities.

Q. Are there any good ecommerce apps within the Facebook wall?

A. Within Facebook wall, there are very limited apps. There are apps that set on a tab on a Facebook Page. But there is nothing that really does a good job sitting within the wall.

Q. What is your take on Web on a mobile APP for a B2B company? When it comes to viral App you have done a lot of work in Facebook contests. However, as far as Twitter is concerned or other mobile Apps are concerned, how do you think as an organization one should strategize on which platform to adopt? Can you throw some light on it?

A. Rajat answered that it really depends upon your audience and also your overall objective. For my own organization, I usually prioritize in a manner – Facebook Contests-Mobile-Twitter

This is because Facebook has a built-in audience, which is already there. There are some easy ways to pull people into a Facebook Page. However, as far as mobile Apps are concerned, they take a bit longer to develop and it takes quite a bit of time to drive people towards the mobile App. Twitter is fine, but there is lot less room to do much less with Twitter.

On question related to B2B application, we consider ourselves as a B2B company. We have basically started using HTML 5 responsive design to ensure that our users are able to access it on mobile, tabs and everywhere else. For instance, if you are a travel company, transactions are not going to happen a lot on mobile app. But looking for PNR status, ticket details or flight details is all possible on mobile. As a company you have to look at what kind of audience you have and what are use cases that you need to address when they are on move.

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