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Choosing a perfect domain name for your website is becoming a complex exercise with tens and thousands of domain names being registered daily. It requires a lot of though and consideration especially when it is crucial to the success of your online endeavours. A right domain name not only fits best with your business but is also easy to locate and promote.

There are different aspects that you need to consider to figure out the best domain name and extension for your website such as you intended audience, purpose of your website and your location.

Picking the right domain extension

The most popular and easiest to remember domain extension is .com. the first step is to have a domain name that is not available with .com extension. But what if your .com name is unavailable? You could consider a .net address. .net is the second most popular extension and widely accepted in all types of businesses. .org is recommended for not profit organisations. Sites whose sole purpose is to provide information can use .info domain extension. Business owners can use .biz.

Moreover, if you are catering to a global audience, the best option is .com domain. But if you are targeting a specific geographic location, a local extension is a better option.

Choosing the right domain name

  • Domain name that is simple, short and easy to type helps customers to locate your site. Avoiding the use of slangs or different spellings prevents the risk of customers mistyping or misspelling the website name.
  • Generic keywords can be used in your domain names that describe your business. And then they can be paired or prefixed or suffixed to create good domain ideas.
  • Avoid the use of hyphens or numbers as they are confusing and often misunderstood, which could result in opportunities being missed out as your customers could possibly land on your competitor’s site.
  • Also make sure that your domain names are not too similar with competing domain names or infringement of someone’s copyrights.
  • For someone who makes a visit to your website for the first time or for someone who has no knowledge of your business or company, your domain name can provide him with an idea. Your domain name should be capable of capturing your online brand in a word or phrase. Try keeping the website name and domain name close as to each other as possible.

A domain name is a stepping stone in creating an effectual online identity. Having a memorable and catchy domain name is important to drive people to your site, help in brand development and establish a position in today’s competitive business environment.

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