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How to connect with more inbound leads?

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Online marketing and promotions has changed the way leads were generated and captured. We all know needs and wants always exist, it’s about how those needs are satisfied.

Creating a need is entirely different from serving a need that already exists which is why it is important to connect with the inbound leads the same way a marketer connects with the outbound lead.

We sometimes take an inbound lead for granted, as he is a prospect who already has interest in the product/service and has high chances of converting. Though however true this may be, why not make the chances of getting the inbound prospect converted more strong. Here’s how:

1.) Never miss a lead: Every lead, whether inbound or outbound is as important. Treating each lead with equal diligence and passion gives more chances of that lead getting converted.

2.) Social vs. Search: If you are advertising and promoting your products online, then consider social media as outbound media and search advertising as inbound. This is so because even though ads on social media are based on a person’s interest they might not always be his/her need. On search however, a person is querying a search with keywords that related to the product that he is looking for at that moment.

3.) Judge the buyer stage: An inbound prospect may also have a high dropout rate considering the buying stage he is at. If the buyer is at the exploration stage, he might just be considering other options alongside yours. It’s this point where the iron is hot and a strike must be made to take the customer to the next stage of decision making.

4.) Engage: Choose the most appropriate time and engage with the prospect. Explain the USP of your product. Use various content marketing methods of social media platforms to promote and remarket the product making the buyer reconsider his decision of buying your product if he had dropped out.

5.) Bottom of the sales funnel: At this stage your prospects are really hot and have high chances of getting converted. This stage demands free-trails, discounts vouchers and other promotional activities to completely lure them to buy your product.

Do not stop once the sale is concluded. Inbound leads are worth more than just that. With good product and after sales the inbound leads are more likely to give good advocacy about your product through word of mouth, thus generating even more leads.

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