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How to convert your visitors through persuasive Landing Page?

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While creating a landing page, have you ever wondered whether you are missing anything on this page? Although, there might be some people subscribing or buying, but certainly every business demands aggravated results.

We all are aware that consumers are getting smarter day by day and the moment it seems that you are trying to sell them something, they are put off in an instant. In such kind of situations, you need to think of ways through which you can convince them to complete the conversion goal of your website.

It might be a small thing to enter their email address to subscribe to your blogs or newsletters or might involve something as big as paying for a product or service on your website. In either of the situations, it is essential to create a persuasion mantra that can convert your prospects to leads.

Therefore, today in this blog post, we will discuss few tips through which you can create a landing page that shows actionable results.

Understand your primary objective

Before designing a landing page, it is very important for you to understand the prospective of the page that you are creating. Ask yourself, what is it that you want to accomplish through this page? During this process you can note down your ideas and content that can be helpful in conversion.

Be specific

People do not have much time to go through the entire content of your landing page. Therefore, it would be appreciable, if you create your landing page in a very simple and concise manner while being specific to your needs.

Do not overload the page with content and graphics and be specific with your objective with a clear call to action.

Give your audience a story

Giving your users statistics and successful stories in the same genre of your business can help a lot. However, at the same time it is also important to ensure that the story you are creating should sound genuine and helpful for the visitors.

You have to ensure that your visitors feel special and valued in your copy.

Try to create the content in second person

It has been seen that when you focus more on your visitors rather than your product, the perceived value of your offer increases. This further helps the visitors to relate more and focus on the objective of overall deal that you are offering them.

However, sometimes a copy written in first person works more efficiently than the one written in second person. In such case, A/B testing is the best way to go for the same.

Important elements of your landing page

There are various other elements of your landing page that should be tested to improve conversions. First element is the headline of your page, which should be simple yet appealing. It should speak about your best benefit. The second important element is the form copy. This should clarify inputs for a field that might require additional signals to fill the right value.

Finally the call to action button of your landing page should never confuse your visitors on what they are clicking the button for. Make sure that your CTA button is specific that leads to final conversion.


Writing a compelling landing page copy is all about understanding your users and their concerns. The moment you figure this out, it would not take much time for you to write a copy that strikes the right cord and gives you the best conversion rate.

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