How To Create A Chatbot For Your Website

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Do you want to know how to create a chatbot for business? But what is the need to create a chatbot?

To make you understand the need for a chatbot. Here is an example.

Let’s say you visit a website related to booking doctor appointment. Now you don’t know which doctor to book. You know your problem, you need help to decide on the specialist.

Traditionally you will call up the customer care, explain them your problem, they will put you on hold, go through their document and then answer your query.

With this digital age, millennial doesn’t like much human interaction. They want everything to happen by the tip of their finger. So, calling up customer care isn’t the desired choice anymore.

That is where the chatbots come into the limelight. These chatbots act as a virtual assistant just like Google home or Alexa but specific to your website.

Website visitors can easily chat with these chatbots and get their desired answers in a jiffy. This is the best way to handle users’ query these days.

It is predicted by Gartner the users will 85% of their relationship with businesses without any human interactions by 2020 and chatbots have a huge role to play in this.

In this article, we will cover how to create a chatbot for your business.

What Can A Chatbot Do?

There are 3 types of chatbots:

1. Scripted Chatbots

How to Create a Chatbot

Scripted Chatbot

Scripted chatbots have predefined questions and answers on which they work. They present the user with few options to select for each question and present their solutions based on it. These chatbots cannot handle ambiguity in terms of response

2. Intelligent Chatbots

How To Create A Chatbot

Intelligent Chatbot

These chatbots are backed by artificial intelligence. They can understand the non-standard response and provide the solution accordingly. Though, they cannot provide a solution in graphical content.

3. Application Chatbots

This is a type of intelligent chatbot which can show the solution in a graphical interface to the user if in case the user can perform more effectively using a graphical user interface.

How To Create A Chatbot For A Website?

1. How To Make A Chatbot In HTML – Build The Conversation Flow

The first and the foremost step is to prepare a conversation flow which you want your chatbot to be designed for. Initially write down the basic flowchart of conversation which can happen.

Now, think of the various scenarios in which your users can go off track and include those things in your conversation.

The next step is to go online and play with all the available chatbots and try to break their flow. See the various steps in which a chatbot breaks in conversation and avoid such mistake in your conversation.

Finally, try to break your chatbot conversation by yourself and your friends. Do everything to ensure your chatbot is ready for any scenario.

2. How To Make A Chatbot – Replicate It In API.AI

API.AI is one of the linguistic processing units. It has the capability to comprehend the user texts which are received in the form of text or speech. This is one of the effective platforms available to comprehend the users’ text. Let’s understand with an example;

A user is in the website trying to order Puma shoes of size 9, so the user types – “My name is Rohan and I want to buy black puma shoes of size 9”. Now the API.AI interprets it as follows;

Intent: Purchase_shoes

Action: Process_purchase

Name: Rohan

Product: Shoes

Brand: Puma

Size: 9

This is the simplest example. API.AI can process such similar or complicated requests in a similar manner.

3. How To Create A Chatbot For A Website – Merge With External Code

The next and the most important step is to merge with external code. Heroku is one of the best external code to build an app. If you are working in python, you need the following code from Heroku;

   req = request.get_json
   print(json.dumps(req, indent=4))
#process to do your thing and decide what response should be

   res = processRequest(req)
# Response we should receive from processRequest (you’ll need to write some code called processRequest and make it return the below, the weather webhook example above is a good one).
       “speech”: “speech we want to send back”,
       “displayText”: “display text we want to send back, usually matches speech”,
       “source”: “your app name”

# Making our response readable by API.AI and sending it back to the service

response = make_response(res)
   response.headers[‘Content-Type’] = ‘application/json’
   return response
# End

Your app and API.AI will be able to work together if you are able to receive and respond to the requests.

4. How To Make A Chatbot – Make Use Of Database

Heroku lets you update and set up database very easily. Postgres add on is the best to choose from. This blog post will help you to set up and run the database in Heroku.

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5. How To Make A Chatbot In HTML – Amalgamate With Slack

Integrating with other messaging services might not be similar to integrating with slack, but it will give an idea on how to work on other platforms. One has to complete 2 authorization process in slack.

While working with API.AI, follow these steps; create a conversation in API.AI, move to integration, switch back to slack and do as per the instructions set in slack. Post this, you need to change events URL to your app URL.

6. How To Create A Chatbot For A Website –  Process Of Asynchronous

Flask can be used to run the app. It is a bunch of code which is extremely useful to receive information over the internet. For a secondary process, Redis & Celery can be used. The instructions for adding Redis & Celery are provided in many sources.

Most Powerful Platforms To Build A Chatbot

1. Chatfuel

How to create a chatbot


Chatfuel is a power-packed platform with various exciting features. Some of them are collecting user information using forms in messenger, allowing user interaction with bots in a click, allowing content cards, user request form, spread updates to users etc.

2. Flow XO

How To Create A Chatbot

Flow XO

Looking for a chatbot with ready reckoner visual editor, then you need flow XO. This platform can provide up to 100 integrations. It is built with pre-build templates as well.

3. Beep Boop

It is the platform directed towards providing the easier way of creating slack bots. It also provides end-end experience for developers.


Chatbots have become necessary to run a business through digital media marketing now. It is never too late to build your very own and customized chatbot and provide a better experience for your user. Know every trending aspect of digital marketing to make your business flourish.

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