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How to create a compelling explainer video to convert your visitors to customers?

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Actions do speak louder than words, so what’s better than a video explaining your business and the products you have for your customers. With more people on the go, screens have become too small to read. Though tablets do compensate to some extent, however it’s still a lot better to view videos than read text. Just to support my argument, Youtube is the largest video repository on the Internet with more than 4 billion views per day.

So how can you leverage this mass potential to tap your customers? Here’s how you can create a masterpiece explainer video:

1.) Research: It’s always best to see what your competitors are doing. Do a research on the videos of your competitors (if they are video marketing their products) or watch how other brands and businesses are making theirs. This would give you a rough idea to start off with charting out a mind map to draw a rough sketch of how your video should be.

2.) Know your audience: People often confuse the audience and go wrong in targeting the video in a completely opposite way. Always remember that you are making the video for the audience and not for yourself. Hence, put yourself in your audience’s shoes and see if that’s what they need.

3.) Plan: Create a rough draft of how the video should be. The length of the video, content, tone, location and medium through which the video would be dispersed.

4.) Story: Everyone likes hearing stories, more when it’s true. So tell a tale, create a story around your product and pitch it to your audience. Explain the uses and complete information with CTAs and value proposition of the product. But always remember to keep it short and simple, and not leaving the audience gasping with air after information overload.

5.) Tools: With a bundle of professional software available to experiment for you, go ahead and invest in one. These would not only make your video look fabulous but also complete and viewable. Also, make sure you’re using a good quality videography camera to make the video crisp and professional looking.

6.) Promote: Now that your video is made, it would not be complete unless it reaches its audience. Use pay to promote tools on social networking channels to make it reach your desired audience.

Create a video with a clear goal in mind and with the never forget to follow up after the hype created by the video. An explainer video can work wonders if done right.

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    • 5 years ago

      Prashant   /   Reply

      Certainly one of the points to be kept in mind is a call to action in the video… you can have a great explainer video which has the potential to go viral but it would fail to get you to your goal if there is no call to action in the video.. e.g call us, email us, or click to buy this product etc.

    • 4 years ago

      Rolland Grogg   /   Reply

      Unquestionably one of the focuses to be remembered is an invitation to take action in the feature… you can have an incredible explainer feature which can possibly turn into a web sensation yet it would neglect to get you to your objective if there is no suggestion to take action in the feature.. e.g call us, email us, or snap to purchase this item and so on.

      • 4 years ago

        Digital Vidya Editorial Team   /   Reply

        Hi Rolland,

        Thank you for the suggestions.

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