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How to Create a Large LinkedIn Group?

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Disclaimer: All views and thoughts mentioned are strictly the opinions of Subhashish Paul and do not represent IBM views or opinions. If you have any queries, please message Subhashish on Twitter @subhashishpaul. If you are interested in joining Subhashish Paul LinkedIn group, you can follow him at

LinkedIn group is one of the best mediums to make the most of your social media engagement time. These groups are excellent for networking, prospecting and establishing though leadership. However, before you start your own group, it is essential to determine whether you would be able to dedicate the time that is required to make the group a success. Additionally, it is also imperative to adopt the right kind of strategies to be successful. This post will show you how.

While reading this post, some people might also be wondering why they need to create a LinkedIn group. Therefore, we will begin by discussing on the importance of a group on LinkedIn and how it can promote your organization. Some of the benefits include:

  • Helps people to expand their reach
  • Helps members to communicate their message easily
  • Helps people to grow their current network
  • Great way to raise your profile

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, creating a LinkedIn group also gives you the ability to generate a good number of leads from high end decision makers. However, as mentioned earlier, it requires a lot of time and dedication. You are limited only by your creativity!

There are various plans and strategies that should be incorporated while creating a LinkedIn group. Some of them include:


  • Identify the Objective

This is the most important key to success for building a group on LinkedIn. It is necessary as well as essential to have narrowly defined group, which can help in attracting audience attention. Additionally, it is also essential to do some kind of research on existing LinkedIn groups, which can help you in differentiating your group from the pack. By defining an objective for the group, you can seamlessly create a successful LinkedIn group.


  • Your name is important!

It is essential to assign a name to your group including relevant keywords in the title and description of the group, which further makes it easy for your users to search for your group without much difficulty. If you make use of those keywords that best describes who you are trying to attract and also position the special category by using words that your target audience use to define your category, you will have a much better chance of being founded in the LinkedIn group search.


  • Create discussion topics

Initially, when you start any group on LinkedIn, keep it as open group and then later decide who gets in. Everyone prefers to be a part of something exclusive and if you create a group where new members must be approved before joining, you are simply creating exclusivity for that group. This will further make your group attractive to potential members in your target market.

LinkedIn open groups make it easier to find and share professional conversations. Empower and engage your members by introducing discussion topics and contributing content that can spur conversations. Moreover, it is also essential to take some time out to give kudos to group members that initiate discussions and also contribute to the discussions by sharing, liking and commenting their posts. You can also share some of the top discussions on social networking sites, which will provide the members a greater visibility.


  • Design the group logo

While designing the group logo, make sure that you design it in a manner that it fits the small standard logo size. Avoid lots of hard-to-read-text in the logo, which anyhow would not be readable and clearly of no use in the logo.


Promote your LinkedIn group

There are several methods through which you can grow your group membership. However, once you get around 500 members, your group will now start picking up to survive among other groups and start building its member list. When you first create your group, ensure that you initially share about it amongst your LinkedIn connections if they fit the profile. LinkedIn allows you to send around 50 announcements per day to your connections. Additionally, you can also upload emails from a .CSV file from your own contact list and further send the announcement.

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You can also visit some other groups with similar theme to yours and politely compliment it while mentioning about your group that members can consider joining.

Concluding, in order to create a successful LinkedIn group, just follow these guidelines

  • Be an active member
  • Moderate group for quality
  • Keep members engaged by posting regular discussions and jobs
  • Share key information via announcements
  • Use the Poll function or ask questions to understand group preferences



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