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The basic purpose for giving a presentation is to inform, to persuade and to build goodwill. But there are various types of audiences with different views. Most find presentations not very exciting. Many companies struggle with creating good and effective presentations. Many times presentations are packed with bullet points, words, cheesy cartoons, bad quality photos, horrible mixture of fonts, colors etc.

The main focus here is how to design a great presentation. Thus listed below are few ways by which one can make presentations interesting, concise and compelling.

  • Should speak loudly, clearly and proudly

It worse sitting through presentation during which the presenter not speaking loudly. It is very tough for the audience to listen. So the presenter should speak loudly as well clearly. Microphone can be used if necessary. The speaker should rehearse as much as possible before the presentation either in front of a mirror or with a trusted friend so that if there is a problem with the voice or clarity then it can mended before itself.

  • Should be visual

Microsoft PowerPoint is one software that is used by everyone for presentations but many use it incorrectly. Actually it is the most the abused software in existence.

When it comes to visuals, following do and don’t should be used:

  • Do
    • Pictures, charts, graphs and infographics should be used.
    • Audience should be given some material so that they can browse through during the presentation or they should be given a concise overview of the information so that they can follow along.
  • Don’t
    • The pictures used should be not be offensive.
    • Should not copy and paste all the points onto the PowerPoint slides and read them aloud to the audience. Audience knows how to read. By doing so one is wasting the time of audience.
  • Long presentations should be avoided

Many times there are presentations that last for two to three hours without having any relevant matter and also interesting. Longer the presentation, more difficult to keep the audience engaged. Time is important because there are only few who think they can spare their time. The presenter should practice with her friends or relative and should be ready to accept any criticism. Notes should be scoured again and again to avoid longer presentations.

Sometimes there no choice left but to give a lengthy presentation. In this case presentations should not begin with warning or an apology. Little confidence must be shown which can give better results.


  • Breaks should be avoided while speaking

Breaks such as “Um, Uh, Like” should be avoided. Way a presenter speaks is also an important part of a presentation.  So for avoiding such mistakes practice as much as possible with a trusted friend.

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