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Inbound marketing means advertising a brand or company through videos, blogs, newsletter, social media marketing and other forms of content marketing which serve to gather customers closer to the brand. It earns the attention of the customers by producing interesting content. Thus inbound marketing is an effective tool to make a campaign successful. But for this we need to take the mechanics of inbound marketing a step further.

An effective inbound marketing campaign basically includes a campaign through email, nurturing lead and measurement of analytics. Thus 3 fundamental steps that are required to promote an offer and make it successful are given below as follows:

  • Campaign through email

Since now we have a CTA, an offer, a form, a landing page, a thank you page, then we are ready for email campaign. An engaging email should be created so that the existing customer know about the offer. Email should be short and concise and more importantly it should contain points that directly connects to the offer, it value and benefit. Mainly the email’s goal is to attract more people to the landing page, where they can have access to more information, so not much detail has to be included in the email.

One thing should be made sure that the email is mobile optimized and sharable through social media as well.

  • Nurturing lead

To nurture a new lead is an important part of the sales process. The best way to accomplish this is by email campaigns that are associated with the offer. A cool thing about email campaigns is that they can be automated. If someone starts sending emails with offers to its contact list, he can follow up an email three days later, 1 weeks later or a month later.

The first email that is to be sent should contain exciting social media statistics or website design tips. The second email should be move the contact a little further by asking them read some the blogs of the company or links can also be included. Finally an email campaign should be sent to them that contains a pricing list or contact form to get in touch with the company and their services directly.

Even a phone call can also be done because if the recipient have successfully opened and clicked every email, downloaded every offer and read every blog post, then probably it’s time to pick up the phone.

  • Measurement of analytics

Everything should be measured i.e. which offer is doing well and which ones are performing poorly. Website analytics should be looked upon carefully to see how many online visitors are viewing offers, clicking on links and filing the forms. Where is the traffic coming from? Social media, direct links, organic searches or from somewhere else.

The increasing numbers should be used to make changes and twist the campaigns moving forward. Everything should be evaluated from how much time, effort and how many resources that are used in each inbound marketing campaign.

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