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How To Create Effective Campaigns On Twitter

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Twitter has been a social media platform of choice for broadcasting your message, having one on one interaction and for doing customer relationship management. In this post i would like to share some elements using which brands can create & launch effective campaigns on twitter.

#1. Integration across all the channels

It’s important to integrate twitter activity with the rest of the campaign across all the social media channels like blogs, flickr, facebook and/or tv, radio etc. For instance Kogi Korean BBQ Taco Truck (a mobile truck restaurant) had a very poor opening initially in Los Angeles but latter on used the combination of it’s blog, facebook, twitter & flickr page to launch a campaign which ultimately made it one of the best places to hang out.

#2. Reaching out to Customers

Twitter is a medium known for it’s virality and this is one feature which can be tapped by the brands. This can be done by reaching out to your customers on twitter, conversing with them & helping them out. Faaso’s a Pune & Mumbai based restaurant works on a very interesting ‘tweet to order’ model. Their customers order the food via the convenience of tweets which is then delivered to the address provided. Interestingly they are not running after number of followers but have maintained quality. Even the people who don’t follow them on twitter but are aware of them order food from them!

Faaso's Interaction with their Customer

#3. Planning & Engagement is the key

If you are going to run some campaign for a month, scheduling you tweets at least a week ahead is going to help you a lot. We at Digital Vidya follow this strategy. Even if you are not running a campaign, still it’s a good practice to schedule tweets. Apart from that regularly engage with your followers by answering their queries or resolving their complaints. If you do it regularly you will a surge in your followers for sure.

#4. Time it Right

Launch your campaigns when a new product or service is launched or when there is new development of interest to your customers as there is a curiosity & interest among them. For instance MTV India launched exclusive preview tweetup of “Roadies-8” for a group of twitter Influencers.

#5. Create landing pages for twitter users

It’s also a great practice to create landing pages especially optimized for Twitter. This can help you manipulate the average time that people spend on your site, improve your effectiveness and increase your revenue. More details can be learned at this link: how to build effective landing pages.

What other ways can you suggest to make your campaigns more effective on Twitter?

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