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How to deliver impeccable customer service through emails?

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Technology is playing an important role in many phases of our lives. Development through technologies can be seen everywhere from business to education, agriculture, travel and so on. It makes one’s life simple, modern and comfortable. Result of this is that nowadays customers also love to interact through technology and slowly and steadily they are becoming use to it and fully dependent on it. They’ve even started to solve their problems and various other difficulties through technology.

One such channel which helps customers to solve their dilemmas and get a solution of it is EMAIL. It is considered as the fastest growing customer service channel. The beginning of email is a major advantage to business, which can keep contact with their customers in a more easy and comfortable way. l. It can be used by business to sell their products to customer, introduce new product offering to them and state discounts if any. At the same time emails can also be used by customers to solve with their complications and can ask any amount of questions related to their product.

But for many it is a cumbersome way of solving any problem. Some customers think that emails do not provide quality of service that they expect and their queries are not taken care of in way it is done manually.

In order to clear off this misconception from customer’s mind it is important to make them aware about the great things which can come out of it. This can be achieved with the help of few examples which are stated below.

Once a customer named tried to order a sweatshirt from  Archival Clothing. As he was a UK resident he was unable to fetch the lower prices that Archival normally ships since the company is based in United States. Somehow someone from Archival saw that he had added sweatshirt to his cart but he did not checked out and they also found out how high his shipping cost was. Therefore they immediately contacted him to find some innovative ideas so that they can ship the order in lesser amount.

The consequence of this was an exceptionally satisfied customer who after this instance ordered more from Archival because the company took extra time to solve a customer’s implicit problem.

Another customer purchased a game from Amazon but he found that it was not working on Steam. Steam is gaming software which allows customer to play purchased computer games through an account which does not require a CD. So thereby the customer decided to email Frozenbyte the creator of the game. The supportive from Frozenbyte made things easy for Eduardo by giving him “Steam Key” (to activate game) for free.

Thus the customer was overwhelmed by the response on the other hand Frozenbyte showed their customer that they care for them and for those who love their game.

Thus it concluded from the above examples that excellent customer service can also be delivered through email.

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