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How to Design a Website That Captures Leads?

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Websites are the window to your business and it’s really important to dress that up perfectly. Your website is often the first step where a potential lead is generated.  Hence designing a good website that generates leads is important. This is usually confused with adding a lot of images and flash based animations on the web page to window dress it and making it look visually appealing where as this is a wrong connotation.

Here are a few ways to make your website look good and perform better:

  • Site layout: Always design a website with a site index and layout so that the customer can navigate to the exact link where he wants to.
  • Forms: Make it easier for your customers to reach you by providing a “Contact us” Form. This would also help you get more details of your customer like e-mail address or phone number which can be used later for remarketing.
  • Codes for analytics: There are a variety of tools available that can help you track where the traffic is coming from to your website and a host of other things. These tools use a code that must be encrypted on the webpage and are generally free of cost.
  • Easy navigation: Simple to understand language and navigation bars always play an essential role. The website should not confuse the user and should display frequently sought things such as contact pages etc.
  • Search Engine friendly: Make your website content and text friendly so that it’s easily read by search engines. This is important to help users search for your website on search engines but good and relevant content also makes your website show on top results which would mean more traffic (and potential leads) coming to your website
  • Offers: Give offers and discounts to users who want to buy a product or avail a service and are coming through your website. Providing customers with incentives or added value such as an e-book, guides, audio, video etc, is a great way to start engaging your buyers. The offer you give should be of some value to the customers and something that will entice them to give you their information.
  • Content: Create excellent content for your website based on the interests of your visitors. You are able to guide your buyers through different stages in their buying process by providing them with most relevant and personalised content.

We all know that a website is of the greatest importance to any marketer for carrying out its marketing efforts. These few lead capture methods will definitely help to design a website that converts traffic into leads.

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