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How to develop email list with facebook promotion

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Email list building and Facebook promotion works well together.
Email marketing still remains the strong method used by digital marketers to inform, educate and information to opt-in recipients. It is a universal tool that is used by everyone to check their work at home and offices. Email is one leg of the three legged marketing tool alongside blog and social media.
Facebook on the other hand have around one billion users, and for companies it is very important to have an active presence here. When Facebook page use app promotion on tabs, the tandem of email and Facebook helps marketers reach people where they are on Facebook and engage with them.
Facebook promotion helps marketers to boost engagement and extend the reach of their Facebook page. Below listed are examples of ways a Facebook promotion can be used to grow an email list.
1. Sweepstakes promotion
It is a chance based promotion that can be hosted on Facebook page tab and involves form filling by users to enter. After this winners are selected randomly from the entries. Those setting up the promotion should include a point in their terms that along with the form filling for entering the sweepstakes, the users also have to submit their email addresses. Users must click the box to accept the terms to enter.

2. Facebook contest
Contest comes in all variation from caption, photo, essay or video submission contest. Every sphere offers great opportunity to attract entrants and voters to a Facebook page. It is also a great way to build an email list. The key feature is to make sure that the marketers know and focus on their primary goal. Primary goal of a Facebook contest is mainly engagement and expanding page reach, so the email opt-in should simply be a natural part of the entry process and not something that draws immoderate attention to itself.
One way is to include email opt –in as a part of Facebook contest is to information about email list in terms of their contest.

3. Trivia promotion
It another chance based Facebook promotion that can be used engage Facebook fans and their friends as part of email list building strategy. Users must complete basic entry information, including their email addresses, and submit their answers to the trivia questions. Users are fascinated by trivia itself by offering prizes for those who complete their forms to enter.
It can either use a check box to agree to terms and condition, or upon submission an opt-in email can be sent for the users to agree to.

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