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How to encourage people to share your Content?

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Integrating social elements in most of your marketing programs is quite essential. Enabling people to share your campaign with friends is only half the battle as you have to also give them a reason to socialize.

Today, in this post, we will discuss some simple and creative ways through which you can motivate people to share your content through social media.

Traditional Marketing methods were basically ‘one to many’ option. For example, television commercials allowed you to reach to a good number of people in a hassle free manner. Whereas, social media is a ‘one to one to many’ option. A single fan or follower can help you build your reach with thousands of people connected to him or her.

In order to motivate or inspire your customers to share your content, you’ll need to:

  1. Share your content in relevant platforms: If you want people to share your content, at your end it is also important for you to share your blogs among various social networking channels. Although, there are various content sharing tools available that automatically picks your content and share to a range of platform, but doing this manually will allow you to create some interesting titles and introductory lines which can encourage people to read and further share.
  2. Give your fans or followers something exclusive – Giving people something exclusive for sharing your stories can be a great instigator. You can offer them special deals or discounts, which makes them feel privy to something special.
  3. Get connected with Humanity – People want to help and if you give them an opportunity to do so, your brand will get a major boost. If you check online, you will find that there are various organizations that are associated with some NGOs which help people fight against some sort of illness of inhumanity. You can create a campaign or a story out of it and share it with your fans and followers. This can help you create a good reach for your content and also bring in more engagement to your page.
  4. Understand your audience psyche – Understanding your audience psyche is very essential as it will help you create a kind of content that your audience might be interested in reading. This will further encourage them to share your content in their circle. Therefore, it is essential to create content which is informative and useful for your audience.
  5. Using social sharing plugins – In addition to the above mentioned activities, it is also important to provide social sharing plugins on your content page, which gives your readers an immediate opportunity to share a new piece of content.


In order to get traffic to your site, it is essential to create an effective strategy. Let us know how you can utilize these tips and based on your knowledge what works best for you.

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