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How To Ensure That Inbound Marketing Gets Along With Outbound Marketing?

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After the use of the term Inbound Marketing, coined by Hubspotunknown1, people have instantly started adapting the latest technique of Inbound Marketing strategy. The use of traditional method of marketing also known as outbound marketing have started declining day by day. However there is a lot of confusion over the use of both forms of marketing techniques. Here the reality and need for a perfect balance of Inbound and Outbound Marketing strategy will be explained in depth.

What is Inbound Marketing?


The term Inbound Marketing stands for new strategy of marketing coined by Hubspot. It is also known as Pull Marketing. The main idea behind this strategy is to attract and convert visitors into customers through the use of personalized revenant content and information. Inbound Marketing technique ensures that you keep following the visitors through the entire process until they become your customer. Inbound Marketing also keep tracking the active participation of the potential customers so that they build a trust for their customers.

There are different methods used in Inbound Marketing in order to attract customers and drop them into the Marketing Funnel. One of them is to produce interesting contents and advertisements so that readers get tempted to click on it. Contents and Advertisement is just the tip of the vast list of tools and techniques used by Inbound Marketing.

What is Outbound Marketing?


Outbound Marketing is the traditional form of marketing which is also known as Push Marketing technique. It is a technique of bug, beg and buy kind of marketing where marketers reach out to the customers to sale their products and services. In this process, different types of trick are used to get a response from the customer.

During this strategy of marketing, they had to buy customer attention by pushing the benefits of products and services. The strategies of Outbound Marketing includes cold calling, direct paper panel, TV advertisements, spamming, telemarketing etc. The performance level of Outbound Marketing is quiet low as compared to the Inbound Marketing.


Almost all those who starts out with Inbound Marketing techniques to make a positive change in their business, have a tendency to strictly categorize Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing strategies and cut out all that falls in Outbound Marketing strategy. The existence of a concept where a particular strategy is Inbound or Outbound is just a Myth. There is not a strict line draw between Inbound and Outbound Marketing strategy. In reality, in order to successfully use Digital Marketing, one must have to make use of both Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing techniques.

Ofcourse (ROI) Return of Investment of Inbound marketing is pretty high. This may be one of the factor for avoiding the use of Outbound Marketing and replacing it with Inbound Marketing strategies. One must always remember no technique is 100% inbound or 100% outbound.



One may think Inbound Marketing is better than that of tradition form of marketing strategies i.e. Outbound Marketing strategies. But the truth is both are indeed a team for accomplishment of a successful Digital Marketing strategy. One cannot make use of just Inbound Marketing strategies and ignore Outbound Marketing strategies as both goes hand in hand.

Most of the customer finds it annoying to get a phone call for a product promotion, so the investment for that call goes in vain which is usually done in marketing strategy. Similarly most of the pamphlets and posters for product promoting remain unnoticed. But when we start mixing the same tricks with inbound marketing strategy, we can see excellent results.

Now, if you take outbound marketing as the way of promoting your messages to reach out to your targeted audience in different platforms over internet, the contents made as per inbound marketing strategies will reach out to a large number of people. Outbound marketing strategies that can be used along with Inbound marketing techniques for better results can be found in the form of PPC(Pay Per Click), Social Media Promotion, Native Advertising, etc. They main objective behind using all this outbound marketing strategies along with inbound marketing is to push the contents of Inbound marketing to a larger number of people. This will help to gain more and more amount of traffic into inbound contents. All those promotions in social media for getting a number of audience by the help of paid advertisements and campaigns comes under the process of Outbound marketing strategy moving hand in hand with Inbound marketing strategies.


The overall point of this piece of content is to effectively use both Inbound marketing and Outbound marketing strategies in order to gain maximum number of visitors for the website. So, there must not be any competition for using a pure form of Inbound marketing strategy or pure form of Outbound marketing strategy. Use both of this marketing techniques to maximize your results.

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