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Internet age has taken us and everybody by a storm. It is no longer a digital library which we use to complete our assignments. It’s an experience. We meet greet and almost live a new digital social life. And not to forget the ease with which it brings fancy products at dust cheap prices to our door steps. As of now there are more than 200 million+ pages on the World Wide Web and growing continuously. People who shop on the net also have increased manifold in just a couple of years, and with the multiple payment options and hassles of life, this number is expected to grow at even a faster pace. Thus, it is necessary that we face the tough competition head on.


Improving the user experience on the internet is not very easy as the choice a user makes while he visits a landing page is within a few milliseconds.

Below are a few tips that you could use to improve the quality of the landing page-


  • Use less images and only if necessary, to make the pages load quickly.
  • A clean and attractive visual design that displays your products neatly without cluttering creates an illusion of a no nonsense website
  • Make the website short and crisp without too many links to provide easy navigation.
  • Images that support the copy help users to visually imagine what products and services you provide.
  • Search engines play a huge role in making users come to the landing page. Make sure your copy on the landing page is search engine friendly. Using too many images and flash based website hampers the website to come up in the search results.
  • Provide a call to action on the page as a measure for the user to connect and contact you for more information. This brings a potential customer closer to buying your products as he is seeking more information and puts the ball in your court.
  • More and more users are going mobile so it becomes important for the companies to create a great user experience with mobile optimised landing pages as well as mobile specific payment gateways that makes it even easier for the user to buy and check out in no time.


Though these are only a few measures that we can take to improve the landing page quality and enhance the user experience online. The end decision lies in the hands of the users of what exactly they want. We can only give our best shot. As they say…Customer is the King. Well, he surely is!

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