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How to get more out of your blog?

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Information Technology and a wide access to its use have enabled people to use and learn a lot of information. Blogging has enabled users to express their opinions and experiences. It has become a transformation tool of information which has the power to influence and attract people to a particular opinion. These shared opinions and experiences are widely accepted by people as they can relate to such experiences, and moreover it is causing a change in the behaviour of the people which has become an issue for marketers.
But what gives these blogs the assertive power to change and modify the existing behaviours of the people or how can blogs be made powerful to change behaviours? What is it that will empower this tool of Social Media Marketing to enhance your Brand Image? What will give it wings to fly?

Thinking about drinking Red Bull while writing the blog won’t work for sure. Give up on that idea.
Get more people to read and respond. But how do you get people to read what you write?
There is not going to be any magic. Identify a clear cut audience to whom you want to communicate about the blog. Indentifying the audience whose behaviour would change after reading will help even more.

Let your blog emerge through Search Engine Optimization; seek advice from Social Media Experts about the audience reading your blog. Stick out by calling for action and open ended discussions from people and do mention your email.

Get a title which is sui generis (unique) and enables your blog to grab attention and get greater value for SEO enabling a wider reading base. Invite Calls for Action always stating the benefits in the most effective manner.

Old is Gold forever, always keep updating your old posts, they help to attract attention of old readers, plus recommendations and word of mouth from old readers enables building a new reader base, share and mention your old links on your new blogs. People reading it for the second time or first time will try to capture most from it and also will try give in inputs to update the same.

Make it go Viral with Social Media; add videos or related documents with the blog as well. Publish it on the most used Social Media Websites. Publishing it everywhere will also do no good. Again, capture the right audience for your Blog, Use Facebook Advertising as the most powerful tool to screen the right audience and their demographics and advertise your blog to them.

Connect your Blog with the company website, Social media website and other relevant sites which have related products. Out of all these mentioned above Social Media can prove to be the most useful tool because there are many things of which a wise man might wish to be ignorant and when highlighted he sees it.

Happy Blogging, You are what you Share. Get it Exposed, Reveal it and People will see it.

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