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3 Tips To Handle Different Customer Service Scenarios

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It is fact of life dealing with customer complaints, issues and problems if a product is sold to them. Every person in sales has to face many challenging customers in day to day life.  Some issues in beginning are small but slowly steadily it escalates into major ones. Therefore listed below are some great responses to tough customer question and adjusting when providing support.

  • When a product is defective

It is disheartening for customers if they find that the product they have purchased is defective. To handle such customers first empathize with their frustrating experience followed by an explanation on how to fix their situation. The situation can also be dealt by asking “should we send you full refund” or “can we send you new one right away”.

  •  Dealing with angry customers

There are two situations in this case. One situation in which customer’s anger in unjustified and in second they have an actual cause for their actions. To handle such difficult customers there are certain tips given below as follows:

    • Sympathize with angry customers
    • Apologize sincerely
    • Accept your responsibility
    • Be prepared to help

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  •  When  a sales person doesn’t know the answer

In this situation instead of disappointing the customer by saying”we don’t know” the support representative should find out solution to their problem whatever it takes to this.

  • When transferring a customer

It is done in order to deliver better help to a customer’s problem. This should be said in a polite way otherwise customers think they will be transferred at every point and their problem would not be solved. Thus instead of saying” sorry you’re getting transferred” it can be said “you are being transferred to our specialist who can solve your problem in a better way”. This answer satisfies a customer and assures that his problem will be solved.

  • When an item is not available

None of the companies likes to tell a customer that the product is not available. Much better way to say this can be that “the product will actually be available next month. You can place your order and the product will be delivered next month”. Replying in a positive way makes a good impact on customer’s mind.

  • Feature request that won’t work

Sometimes customers have valuable aspects on how a product is used and how it could be improved. In this case instead of saying “we’ll take a look” which leaves a false hope on customer’s mind the support representative should say “we really appreciate your thoughts but as of now it is not a perfect fit and cannot be implemented”.

  • Request that cannot be fulfilled

On this case instead of saying a straight “NO” support representatives can give its customers other reliable options which can solve their problem and help them in batter way.

  • When closing with a customer

In this case when heading to the end of conservation with the customer the support representative should end it in a way “we are glad you problem is sorted out, before you leave is there anything else we can help you with”. This way a customer feels that asking another query may not be a burden.

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