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How to identify and mobilise brand advocates?

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Positive customer reviews and recommendations help to build your brand image and compel people to make purchases. Organising happy customers and successfully converting them into brand advocates can be a great means to get positivity on the web.

Brand advocates are the people who speak positively about your brand, share offers and promotions and highly recommend your company, brand, product and services. They are one of the greatest resources that can be leveraged to maximise your marketing efforts.

The first step towards building your advocate army is to identify those customers who make for good potential advocates. These are the people who show their support by sharing your blog posts, offers and company news on social media. You can find them by observing your social media posts of last few months- who is posting favourable comments on your blogs, liking, sharing and re tweeting your content.
Another way to find your advocates is to send your customers a one-question email survey: “how likely are you going to recommend our products and services?” This question is scored on a 1 to 10 scale, and the customers who answer 9 or 10 are considered to be advocates.

Once you have identified your advocates, the next step is to mobilise them, so that your business as well as your super-fans move in the right direction and get you message across to potential customers. Traditionally businesses used retail associates to explain the benefits of a product or service to customers. But with the decline of traditional media, brand advocacy has moved to the Web.
Send free demo samples or coupons or offer a sneak peek to your biggest fans whenever a new product is launched and then encourage those fans to share what they see with others and provide you with honest feedback on Facebook pages and personal blogs.

Give special rewards or perks to your advocates to thank them for helping your business. Recognition is one of the best rewards that you can offer. Advocates like to be acknowledged for their efforts. Some other rewards that work well include a personal hand written thank you note or an invitation to pre-launch parties or birthday coupons.

Provide them with context, links and shareable content so that they can help you out. Your brand advocates are already doing tremendous things on your behalf. As marketers, your job is to make it easier for them to do that.

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