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‘How To Improve Online Conversion Rates Through Website optimization ? 5 Tips & Techniques’

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Improving the conversion rate is very crucial in any business. When 96% of the people who visit a site are not ready to buy, how can we increase the conversion?

A small change in the look and feel of the website can create a large impact on the conversion rate, and dramatically improve sales. Let’s check out some website optimization ‘Tips and Techniques’ that can boost the online conversion rate.

Make the Value proposition Clear

Make the value proposition unique and clear. Visitors want to know why they should consider doing business with you. This should be loud and clear on the homepage/landing page. The proposition should convince the customer that you have a better deal than your competitor. It is very crucial in multiplying the conversion.

With a simple headline, sub-heading and call to action button, clearly showcases its  value proposition.


Build the Trust

People buy from whom they trust. Trust factor has more of an influential role in improving online conversion. To be a trusted brand online, although challenging, is very important.

Credibility indicators can successfully improve the performance of  the landing page. Testimonials, customer feedback and media mentions will boost the confidence of the visitors. Posting pictures of the office and staff will give the brand an online personality, and will establish a better relationship with the audience.

Showcasing your social media presence can also assist in building trust. Include links to key social media accounts. Social share buttons – another way to increase engagement and traffic.

See below the testimonials on Crazy Egg’s website:

customer testionials

Build a Sales Funnel

As mentioned earlier, most of the people who visit a site are not ready to open their wallets, yet. They could be just browsing, maybe in the research stage or, not in a hurry to buy right now. Directing this audience to take the ‘call to action’ is painstaking. We have to allow a relationship to be developed and thus gain their trust. The more complicated the product, the more time it takes.

Free demos, tutorials, Webinars, white papers, blogs, etc. are the best ways to keep the audience in the funnel and thus increase the chance of conversion.


Make it easy to contact you

Clearly show the contact information for the customers to reach you with ease. It’s best to have the contact number on top of the homepage where it won’t be overlooked by the visitors.

Adding live chat support is another approach to better the conversion rate. Customers can instantly rid themselves of any doubt regarding the product/service. This can leave an impression which will be beneficial.


Call  to action button

Call to action button on your homepage/landing page is of utmost importance, as it will direct the ambiguous audience to the ultimate conversion. The action to be taken can vary from filling a form, download, free trial to sign up. Optimize your call to action to attract more audience attention.

Creating a sense of urgency can also help in increasing the click through rate. Button texts like “Register for the Ultimate Webinar now!”, “Sign up and get 20%off” etc., will generate more response.

With the clause ‘Cancel anytime’ and ‘Join Free’ button in red color, Netflix’s call to action button easily woos the audience.


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