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How to improve the readability of your blogs?

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Blogs are a form of discussion or an informational site published on World Wide Web. Many blogs provide information and discussion on a particular topic, other functions as more personal online diaries. Some even functions as online brand advertising of a particular company.

But many blogs are not seen by readers. Here are some reasons why no one is reading your blog:

  • Your blog is not promoted well

It is difficult to build up an audience if you come to know that your blog does not even exist. For this you need to think like a marketer and your blog is your product. You can promote your blogs in social media and even through emails. You need to think like a marketer not a blogger because your success is not dependent only on editorial factors.

  • Your blog is just launched

Your blog does not start getting readers overnight. It takes time for a blog to gain readership. A lot of content has to be prepared so that there are more inroads to your blog via search. Other necessary steps should be taken to build up your audience because blogging is not an easy task but if you stick to it, it may be rewarding.

  • Email subscription is not being encouraged

Once you build up your reader you want them to stick around. This can be done by email subscription. You can get them to subscribe particularly through email because email subscribers get updates directly in their inbox whenever new content is available on your blog. You can display your email subscription form on your blog. Thus you can turn casual readers into dedicated subscribers.

  • Your blog content isn’t optimized for search

Reason why blogging is an effective inbound marketing tool is its direct connection to search. With every blog post you publish another page is added in search engines. Thus more blog content you create, more opportunities are there for you to be found by searchers. This happens not only for one time but whenever a searcher is searching something that is related to your blog, your blog has chance to be discovered that many times. So an optimized content should be followed by the bloggers.

  • You are only blogging about your products, services and accomplishments

Building readership means the actual content you publish. The bloggers must concentrate on the editorial side also. First thing is to stop blogging about yourself. Your blog should contain contents that matter to the readers. So if you want your products and services, accomplishments and other laurels to be published startup a separate company news blog and publish it all there.



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