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Simple tips to improve your Facebook engagement

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Social media is all about paying attention to little details, digging deeper and making changes that have great impact. Facebook has become a major platform for businesses to reach out to their customers and prospects. Below are a few ways to increase your Facebook fans’ engagement with your content. The main idea is to attract the audience and help new fans to like your page.

  1.  Post meaningful and suggestive photos
    Images are always attractive and more powerful in capturing the attention across the black and white of the news feed. But the question is what type of image makes more impact? Posting a photo of your brand or product being used in anywhere in everyday life will definitely sensitize the users. Studies have also shown that pictures in a collage are found to be very effectual. Self-explanatory images are more likely to do better than the ones which need explanation in the description. Moreover, everyone loves humor. Posting funny or entertaining pictures is sure to elicit more engagement.  Humorous posts tend to be shared much more than serious ones.
  2.  Involve customers with question
    One of the most commonly used techniques to involve customers is to ask a question and get feedback. Questions encourage comments from people who are associated with you and your products. It helps to understand the needs of people and boost engagement.
    Position of the question in the post is equally relevant. A question posted in the end will draw the attention of users and will induce response. A question posted in the middle, on the other hand, tends to get lost and diverts the attention of the reader.
  3.  Emoticons
    Emoticons too can make a huge difference to your engagement rates.  Emoticons add a human element in your communications. They provide quick, non-verbal communications and are also a great way to express your tone. A well placed emoticon will work wonders.
  4.  Creating competition
    You can increase participation by asking the users to vote for two competing images by either ‘sharing’ or hitting a ‘like’.  Controversial images regarding the product or brand are used along with a brief description telling users how to participate. Visibility of vote counts will motivate the fans to participate and share their opinions and thus, reach a wider audience.
  5.  Do respond to comments
    If someone takes out time to comment on your post, you must always acknowledge him/her and respond back. This will not only help to strengthen the understanding with customers but also invite comments from others. Thus, you must always reply to comments on your posts as far as possible – even if it is a simple “thank you”.

These are a few examples to boost your post visibility and help you to connect with your customers. It is not necessary that all these tactics would work well for every business. Therefore, experimenting and learning about your customers’ preferences will help you to drive engagement on your Facebook page.

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    • 5 years ago

      Abhi Roy   /   Reply

      Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts about facebook engagement. One should keep all the above points in mind before promoting their product or services over internet.

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