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How to improve your Search Engine Ranking?

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We all are aware of the fact that good SEO can practice can bring with it new leads and customers for your business. However, in mid of all this hustle bustle of SEO, we tend to forget the most important yet a very simple concept – What is our goal in the end? To the thousands of visitors that come to your website, only handful of them convert to a sale. In order to increase your sales conversions, it is also important for you to convert your SEO traffic.

For example, if through an SEO practice, 100 visitors organically come to your website and you are manage to pull out 10 sales out of it, the possibility is that you will able to convert 2 or 3 customers that would be purchasing your product.

In the above case, if you are using highly competitive keywords and are only able to convert 2 or 3 visitors out of it, you will have to end up with 2 conclusions. First, chances are that your keywords are highly competitive and your marketing effort is simply being outperformed by your competitors and second, there might be something not very interesting with your product, which is failing to make a significant impact to your audience.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Now, what would be the right way to do the same? CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization is based on the idea that you change your marketing or SEO strategies in order to get more conversions that just traffic and leads. The main purpose of CRO is based on the principle of driving more conversions than sales and leads.

CRO does not care about traffic and cares whether the traffic you are getting is converting to its fullest potential or not. Moreover, CRO also measures whether the traffic that you are getting is eligible for conversion or not.

Searching for the right keywords and phrases

There are chances that certain set of keywords might not be right for your product, but might prove to be right at a later stage. However, if you have just launched your product, this can be a risky affair. If the keyword that you are targeting is not relevant to the user’s intent, then it would get more difficult for you to convert them into paying customers.

Although, you might be getting thousands of leads, but if they do convert it just burns your server resources. Moreover, in the worst scenario, it might also develop customer dissatisfaction and you might earn a bad name for projecting a bad name for something that you do not provide.

Make the right use of internal links

SEO implementers have a full control over their internal links, which are the ones that are already present in your website. Although the internal links cannot outweigh the power of external links, but you can still utilize them to convert your SEO traffic.

If you are wondering how, then internal links can help you to improve the Anchor text juice of a page and also improve the PageRank of a particular page.
Concluding, the ideal goal of any business should not be to get thousands of new customers, but to ensure better conversions and provide an impeccable user experience to improve the conversion rate.


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