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How To Increase Email Opening Rate For Better Impact

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Email Marketing isn’t dead. The traditional way of attracting prospects with Email is still alive.  According to a leading Management Consulting firm, Email Marketing is 40 times much more effective at acquiring more customers than Facebook or Twitter.

Here are few facts and figures related to Email Opening Rate:

  1. 44% of the email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email.
  2. 33% of the email recipients open email based on subject line alone.
  3. Roughly half of an email list will be active – either opening or clicking on emails.
  4. Subject lines which had less than 10 characters long had an open rate of 58%.
  5. Personalized subject lines has 22.2% more chances of being addressed to .(Source)

The most tedious task is to acquire customer’s attention with the subject line. To achieve it with simplicity and MASTER THE ART, here are the things which I’ll be highlighting:

  1. How to draft Subject Line
  2. How to land in inbox and avoid being in spam box
  3. What is the appropriate time to send an Email
  4. Monitor your results

1) Subject Line:

The 2 things that would capture an email recipient’s interest would be the “Who has sent the Email ?” and “What is the Subject line”. With these two main things that would lure your email recipient to actually open your emails and gain interest to read the entire content inside.

A subject line to be drafted in such a way that it should create the “CURVE”, where CURVE can be defined as (Curiosity, Urgency, Relevancy, Value and Emotion)

A recent study shows that in a B2C activity, the name of the recipient in the subject line creates an emotional touch and attract the recipient’s attention .

Instead of sending the email from , utilize the company employee’s first and the last name.  Setting up an email to send out messages on behalf of a company CEO or President can have a large impact on open rates.

Email marketing service MailChimp has provided some best practice approaches to creating subject lines which include:

  • 4 Words or Phrases to keep away from are free, help, percent off, reminder
  • Being Regional : Providing a city name can increase open rates
  • Innovation: By using the exact same subject line for each newsletter can decrease open rates, so try innovating once you master the trick of the trade
  • Strength of your subject line: Keep your subject to 50-60 characters (at the maximum) or less with the exception of highly targeted audiences

2) Inbox and not Spam box:

Creating a strong and a meaningful subject line should be good enough to reach the inbox. But there are few other aspects to look for to not land in the spam box

  1. Avoid Purchased Lists- There are few forums where “Thousands of leads are sold” but the truth might be that these would either be spam traps or most of the leads being dead, and at worst you may be branded as a SPAMMER
  2. Avoid the common keywords- Spam filters analyze the content which you send across. There are no fascinating keywords to intensify deliverability, but curb the use of words with potential risks such as promo,buy,free etc. reduces the probablity of your emails landing in the spam folder.
  3. Associate with a Reliable ESP- ESP or Email Service Provider are evaluated as senders based on the reputation of the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and domains of their clients.
  4. Avoid dirty tricks- Deceptive Subject lines ,Concealing a text message in an image to fool spam filters, Misleading claims may cause permanent damage to your deliverability ratios.

3) Timing:

Right timing can get more people to open your emails and achieve a 203% increase in open rates.

KISSmetrics report on timing email marketing states that the highest click rates and open rates are found highest during the weekends and during the mornings.

Rick Stamberger says the best time of day depends on when your target market is most likely to read emails. He got an open rate of more than 70% when sending emails to restaurateurs after the lunch hour rush.

Kevin Gao, founder of comm100 stated that Mondays are the worst days to send emails. Open rates also drop during the weekends when people spend more time with their families. Kevin Gao also mentions that the days in the middle of the week are the best for a healthy email open and click rate.

4) Monitoring:

The easiest way of monitoring deliverability which would costs you nothing can be done by adding a “seeded” list of email addresses using ISPs that your customers use most often, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Rediff mail, and Hotmail.

Set up approximately 5 mailboxes at each provider then include the seed email addresses in your email database (Mailing list). Once a newsletter is sent across, you can log in to each seed account and check whether the email was delivered successfully by that provider. If you still experience problems related to your results, then it is suggested to discuss this with your Email Marketing Service provider and ask for a way forward.


Try implementing the tips mentioned in the post and you will end up with loyal subscribers along with the rise in the Email open rates. By ending this, hopefully you will be able to understand the common mistakes which we do while sending out emails to our prospects and will have an improved insight in the field of Email Opening Rate.

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