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How to increase the effectiveness of your Call to Action buttons?

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Call to Action plays an important role in conversion, therefore as marketers it is important for you to understand methods through which you can increase your conversion rate.

We know that visitors cannot enter the checkout process without clicking on the CTA button and it is important for you to implement strategies and techniques through which you can improve your CTA button.

Therefore, today in this post we will discuss some of the click-boosting techniques that increase your existing conversions from 29 to 90 per cent.

When designing ineffective CTAs, most of the marketers come with a number of excuses such as lack of creativeness, less space in the content for appropriate CTAs and a feeling that any type of CTA irrespective of the design and size will make people click it if they are really eager in getting to your sign-up process.

These are basically the excuses that are stopping your conversions from increasing to a number they can. Let’s cut these excuses and implement certain out of the box strategies that can really work for your business in getting more leads and sales.

Try to focus your visitors on simple call to action

As buyers, we all know that taking a decision can sometimes be quite a time taking procedure. This happens especially when they are presented with a lot of options. Do you think that adding a lot of CTAs can really help and reduce the crippling effect of choice overload?

Remember that having a fewer options always helps and makes it easier for the people to make a decision. Therefore rather than stuffing your content with loads of irrelevant information, try to make your content less heavy by giving simple CTAs that would initiate a quicker response.

Display the buttons that they look like buttons

It is true that creativity is required while designing the CTAs, but at the same time it is also important to design your CTA buttons that would make people easily understandable that they need to click on it in order to reach the sign up form.

Buttons are easier to click when we know that they are clickable. This is reason that grey colored buttons are considered poor for conversions. The color makes them look disabled and hence a lot of visitors would not know whether they are even allowed to click them or not.

Use click triggers to boost your buttons

Click triggers are basically the extra triggers that you put around your CTA buttons in order to convince people to click them. These triggers can be a testimonial or review, free shipping or a free e-book message, some kind of guarantee.

The challenge here is not just to use a click trigger near your CTA, but to use the right click trigger, which can initiate a click.

These are some of the tips that can be used to increase your landing page conversions. You can also share some innovative strategies in the comment section below.

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