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How to increase your Blog engagement?

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We all are aware about the benefits of blogging in order to grow your audience. However, despite of writing, your blogs might appear a bit quiet and might be helpful for you to connect with your audience. Although, you might be getting the desired traffic, but somehow there are chances that the desired spark might be missing.

Therefore, today in this blog post, we will understand a few important things that should be taken care while writing a blog post and how it can help you to engage with your users.

Write your blogs in a conversational manner

There might not be any person in the world that would like to connect with a non-bonding person. Therefore, in order to engage with your users, it is important that you write in a conversational manner, which can be a great factor to engage the interest of the user.

Moreover, you should also avoid using robotic sentences. Understand the questions arising in the reader’s mind after reading every paragraph and frame the next sentences in a manner that it can answer the questions of the user.

It is also recommended to use short sentences and create sentences similar to a face to face conversation.

Understand blogging is not like essay writing and portrays your personality. After completing your blog post, read it aloud and see whether it is portraying you.

Motivate your readers

Create your blog post in a manner that it motivates your readers to read next. They should eagerly wait for your upcoming blogs that can help them learn something more interesting and useful.

Create your post in manner that shows you understand your readers and hence created the upcoming post based on their interest and questions.

You can also conclude your blog in a manner that motivates your readers to post their queries in the comments section, which helps you to engage with their ideas and hence create your upcoming blogs accordingly.

Use your newsletter to highlight some of the prominent posts of the week

There are chances that many a times your readers might miss a blog written by you. Therefore, you can highlight some of them in your newsletter, which can further help you to expand your reach.

Additionally, as mentioned earlier creating interesting post is the most important factor to popularize your blogs.

Create a continuity and similarity

There are various organizations that create interesting blog post, which are also quite useful to read, but do not maintain a continuity. This unfortunately can upset the users and negative impact on your traffic.

Therefore, if you are publishing 3 posts in a week, try to maintain a continuity with it. This will keep your readers happy and engaged.

Additionally, also ensure that you are publishing similar category blogs on the desired days. For example, Digital Vidya publishes a post on their weekly webinars on Friday and a buzz on Digital Marketing every Thursday. If people get habitual to the same they might want to see the similar content on the decided days. Therefore, if you have created a similarity with the same, do not disappoint your readers.

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