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How to increase your Webinar participants?

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Webinars are fruitful for marketers, as it proves to be boon for their lead generation efforts. Marketers are professionals at holding informative webinars, but the truth behind this is that it requires a lot of planning so that they are in order and can lead to great profits.

The lead up to a webinar requires aspects of inbound to come into function. Everything from getting a speaker to join the webinar, to developing the actual topics and focus for events, to planning blog and social post to promote, are required to get successful webinars.

Below outlined are 3 areas that the marketers should focus on, to ensure their team and he himself are prepared to put high quality and successful webinars.

  • Interaction with audience should takes place before the webinar

The marketers can always use social media like twitter, Facebook, etc. to hold interactive sessions with their audience before a webinar session by asking them to post comments and questions they have. This way the audience gets excited before the webinar.

Also if there is any types of special feature or a giveaway during the webinar, they can start this buzz early.

For example once a company gave away a free ticket to its marketing conference, to one of the person on their webinar who tweeted to the hashtags during and before and after the webinar. This helped them to keep on the buzz really going around the webinar.


  • Slide deck should be made visually appealing

Marketers who want their audience to be engaged for 30 minutes to an hour, they should be given something nice to look at.

Slides full of slides should be made that relate to the topic that is being discussed. Copy can also be used in slides if it’s used correctly. Don’t simply write a paragraph in black and white. Instead it should be made sure that copy adds to the presentation.  Only one color palette should be used in the entire webinar deck, and do not make it too busy.


  • Hashtag dedicated to the webinar should be used

Hashtags are required throughout the webinar process that adds uniqueness to the webinar. Use of less known hashtags helps to ensure all tweets with the hashtag are about the webinar. It helps to create a community of people with something common. They are used to connect with audience, answer the technical question and gather questions for the question and answer portion during the webinar. Hashtags are also used after the webinar to follow up with any unanswered questions and send additional information.

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