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How to leverage SlideShare for generating leads?

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What can you really expect from a Webinar by the co-founder of SlideShare? Loads of information with clarity on generating leads through SlideShare was all that was delivered by Amit Ranjan during his one hour Webinar on “How to generate leads on SlideShare.” We all are aware that SlideShare is the world’s largest content sharing community for professionals. However, apart from offering this free basic service, SlideShare also offers a premium version called SlideShare PRO, which is one of the most popular features for generating leads. In case you missed this opportunity, which could help you to broaden your skills and knowledge on generating leads through SlideShare, below is the complete recording of the Webinar along with the questions answered by Amit Ranjan.

Q. What are the predominant content discovery ways on SlideShare, which as a business we can focus on, while optimizing the content?

A. To this question Amit answered that as a business you can primarily focus on two things. One thing is about optimizing your content with Meta data. This means that you should give your content a good and interesting title, give it nice description, give it tags and put it in the right category. This Meta data is used by SlideShare’s internal algorithms and used in their search engines and recommender system. In fact, SlideShare has also recently started sending emails with recommendations about SlideShare content. Meta data plays an important role in each of these activities. In fact Meta data is also picked up by Google, which means that if someone is searching on Google for a particular topic, Meta data can play an important role. However, it is also important to ensure that you use rich Meta data.

Another thing is that if you can create good content and if that content can be picked by the editorial team, it gives you that extra edge. While our editorial team is well looked at certain variables such as the quality of the content, but we also look into a few things such as on which network is the content distending, which topic is getting popular, whether the topic is in news or not. Any content which our editorial team puts on our own page, it gets a slight advantage over others. Though the advantage doesn’t stay for long, but it is just about enough to give you that initial push to make your content spread across the web.

Q. Is there also any algorithmic way through which you assess the thought leadership of the content?  Should we need to work on to optimize the content like the author rank principle of the search engines?

A. The judgment about the quality of the content is editorial and it is completely human intervene.  In fact, the editorial team also keeps looking at some dashboards to check which content is performing well. For example, SlideShare has an internal dashboard and checks which are the SlideShare content that is shared most on Twitter and Facebook or what is the content that is being retweeted on Twitter maximum of times. Basically, all kinds of content are reviewed to see that whether the particular content is worthy to be displayed on SlideShare or not.

Moreover, if you are wondering if there is any specific tool that can help you to get search volume related to SlideShare content then Google Keyword Suggestion tool is excellent as it has high credibility to satiate such requirements and works impeccably.

Q. What is the average lead conversion rate on SlideShare?

A. Here Amit says that last year the organization did some back of the envelope calculations for a particular views to check which content is getting views and if it had a lead generation form turned on. It was noticed that almost 2-3% of the views got converted into leads. Although, not all of the leads were business worthy, some of the leads had to be scrubbed and checked. If your content is performing well then on the higher side it would give you 2-3 % of leads.

Q. Does visibility of the account increases with PRO account?

A. To this question Amit answered: No, not really. There is not any extra content push per sale for PRO accounts. However, SlideShare has some sections of the website where PRO users are showcased. If someone is going through those links, then probably the PRO users are called out separately, but the content itself does not get any special treatment.

Q. Is there any auto adjust feature if you view the presentation on mobile?

A. Here Amit said that as of now they do not have any mobile apps, but certainly it is planned sometime soon. However, SlideShare has mobile HTML 5 site, which is mostly targeted at smart phones. The 2 platforms that are mobile HTML site targets are android and iOS. So if you are using a smart phone then you should be able to view all the SlideShare presentations.


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