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How to leverage social media to grow your business?

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There are many business firms that understand the importance of social media for their business, but many a times do not leverage it in a right manner to grow their business. As a basic principle, it is always important to remember that before you sell, it is essential for you to build a trusted relationship with your future customers.

Today, in this post we will discuss various methods through which you can utilize social media to find and establish relationships with your potential customers.

Participate in LinkedIn groups

There are a few social networking sites that hold an immense opportunity for people to build relationships. LinkedIn groups can be one such opportunity to connect with the people that fit your prospect profile.

You can easily find the groups that you are interested in by searching for specific keywords in the LinkedIn search box. Further, you can filter out the search results through Relationships, Languages and Categories.

However, it is important to understand that this is not the place to sell and you should be nice and helpful by offering your service to other members in the group. In fact you can also participate in the discussions and share your knowledge among others.

There might be chances that you would not find a group that matches your interest. In that case, you can take an initiative to create your own group and invite your existing customers and prospects to join this group.

Participate in Conversations

Most of you might not be aware that Tweet Chats can be great lead generation tool on social media. You can easily locate the chats that are relevant to you through hashtags and other key information such as date, time and name of the host.

One of the best thing about tweet chats is that the participants begin the conversation as strangers and during the conversations develop relationships that extend beyond regularly scheduled chats.

Interview People

Social media video tools can be utilized for strategic networking. Create a list of social media influencers and then plan out methods through which you can interview them. Most of the people make use of Google Hangout to do an interview and then also publish them on YouTube.

However, make sure that during the interview, you do not introduce your own product or service and give an opportunity to the interviewee to shine. Also convert these interviews into useful content and share them within your social network.

These interviews can help you in building your business network.

These are some of the techniques that help you in creating relationships with people that are interested in your products.

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