How To Make Money On Instagram: Easy Monetizing Tips

by Bonani Bose | Updated on: September 7, 2019 | 8 Min Read.

On average, Social Media users are reported to spend 140 minutes using different Social Channels every day.

That’s whopping! Do you know that this money spent on the internet can actually earn you money, especially on Instagram? So do you want to learn how to make money on Instagram?


Okay, Great!

In this blog post, we will be dealing with the complete case of ‘how to earn from Instagram?’.

Instagram, ranked seventh on the list of the Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites with over 100 million unique monthly users and over 300 million active users posting photos and videos daily, is also one of the most profit making social media sites.

Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources.” – Sean Gardner

Users on Instagram post a lot of pictures and videos, often personal, and most of these shutterbugs are not doing it, for the sheer fun of sharing their little moments of happiness with others.

Not ace photographers or creative guys, these users, are common people, like you or me; know how to make money on Instagram.

Instagram can be a highly lucrative source of money & that is why you should know how to earn from Instagram. However, you must do the necessary groundwork first.

Once you have put in the time and effort building up an engaged audience you will surely earn a very good living, solely from your Instagram activities. Now, the obvious question is: how does Instagram make money and how you make money on Instagram, at the same time? We’ll come to that soon.

In this post, I aim to discuss:

(i) How to make money on Instagram with videos

(ii) How to earn from Instagram as a model

(iii) Make money posting ads on Instagram

(iv) How does Instagram make money

In addition, I will also discuss in details how to make money on Instagram step by step. 

How To Make Money On Instagram

How To Earn From Instagram

How To Make Money On Instagram

You may be a blogger, YouTuber, influencer, fashion designer, model, anything. To be a top-rated Instagrammer & know how to earn from Instagram, you must have the reach and influence figured out.

Both offer the opportunity for Instagram creators to explore multiple streams of potential revenue, whether you want to build an iconic brand or just earn some extra cash and freebies.

Depending on your unique brand of Instagram content, your audience, and your level of commitment, we suggest a few ways by which you can make money on Instagram:

(i) Create sponsored posts for brands that you want your audience to follow.

(ii) Become an affiliate and make a commission selling other brands’ products.

(iii) Create and sell a physical or digital product, or offering a paid service.

(iv) Posting and selling your photos.

How To Make Money From Instagram

How To Make Money On Instagram

How To Make Money On Instagram With Videos

Instagram is probably one of the best places where your videos win hands down. Not only are they an enriching format for visual communication, but also a wonderful way to add some punch to your storytelling.

According to a recent survey, 2017 was the year of video marketing, and about 55% of the total video consumption on mobile is for under 5-minute videos.

Instagram users can post up to 60-second videos. According to a Newswhip study, most of the top media publishers post a generous dose of video content on their Instagram accounts for customer engagement since videos capture more eyeballs than photos. 

What is even more intriguing is, you can even add transitions to not-so-good videos, edit previously shot videos in other apps outside Instagram and upload, add sound, or just let them as they are. Read more if you want to know how to make money on Instagram with videos.

How To Make Money From Instagram

How To Use Instagram For Business

How to Earn from Instagram

(I) Promote Your Business On Instagram

You may use Instagram for business or to promote your personal brand or sell products that you can showcase with your photography. Instagram is the ideal platform for promoting fashion, beauty and food products. A lot of people also promote handicraft products, homemade artworks, and paintings on Instagram.

You can create posts giving special offers. Just remember the 80-20 rule, though. For every promotional post, you need four posts that don’t promote your product.

You can showcase your store or business by emphasizing its more human side. For instance, you could share images of your customers using the product. Alternatively, you might also show your followers the steps behind the making of the product. The users are more likely to respond well to these posts showing your more human side.

(II) Make Money By Posting Ads On Instagram

You can get paid with posting ads irrespective of whether the visitor makes a purchase or not after clicking the ad. How much money you make per click depends on the following factors:

(i) Your site traffic

(ii) Ad placement

(iii) The Advertiser

Your highest-paying ads will be “above the fold” because the reader can see them without scrolling down.

Another way of how to earn from Instagram posts is by publishing sponsored posts. Once you know how to increase domain authority, you will be contacted by companies that are willing to pay you to advertise on your blog. But before you sign up to publish their content, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

(i) Do I personally endorse this product or service?

(ii) What/how will my readers benefit from this post?

(iii) Does this post add value to my personal brand?

How To Make Money From Instagram

Instagram Stories

(II) How To Make Money On Instagram As A Model

Instagram is a great place for models only if they know how to earn from Instagram. Especially the selfie queens who can take the Internet by storm. Thus, if you want to know how to make money on Instagram as a model, this post can give you really valuable insights.

Being an Instagram star requires sharp business sense, quirky marketing sense, and excellent saleability skills, in addition to stellar looks and prolific photography. You may promote your own brand or another company’s products.

Companies often pay an Instagram model to wear or use a product in photos or tag a brand. A business might sponsor an influencer to travel to take part in certain events, with the agreement that he or she will post photos.

For instance, Liz Eswein, the user behind @NewYorkCity (an account boasting of more than 1.3 million followers), has worked with the tourism board for Namibia, Dubai, and Turkey, for the places she has travelled.

Australian social media star Essena O’Neill had over 612 followers. O’Neill, who had been known for her popular “fitspiration” posts, said of her decision, “Social media isn’t real. Everything I did was edited and contrived and to get more views.”

Now, the question is how much money do these Instagram models make?

Danielle Bernstein, for example, of @weworewhat fame, told Harper’s Bazaar in May that she charges between $5 thousand and $15 thousand for a single branded Instagram post. She had over Instagram 992,000 followers then.

So, the bottom line to how to make money on Instagram as a model is: how you sell it, is what matters.

How To Make Money From Instagram

Instagram Process To Earn Money

(IV) How Does Instagram Make Money

Facebook bought mobile photo-sharing app Instagram for around $1 billion in cash and stock in April 2012. Instagram was less than two years old and had barely any revenue. But what followed thereafter was simply unexpected. By December 2014, Citigroup analysts were saying that Instagram was worth $35 billion.

Instagram’s business strategy is unique and fast changing. Even though it is a free image sharing mobile application, but the way it uses its algorithm to monetize users’ attention has evolved over time and that, in turn, adds up to its business value.

Similar to Facebook, Instagram earns most of its revenue through sponsored posts. These posts have a sponsored tag and a call to action button. Instagram, because of its increasing user-base, is an essential element of Facebook’s revenue model.

Mobile has been a growing segment of Facebook’s advertising, accounting for 84% of ad revenues in the third quarter of 2016, compared to 78% from the year-ago quarter and Instagram has seen a huge growth in the number of advertisers. There is also an increase in the number of users of Instagram which have attracted more advertisers.

To know how to earn from Instagram, you need to appeal to companies looking for content to sponsor, you must produce consistently high-quality content.

As Thomas Rankin, CEO of Dash Hudson, explained to the Huffington Post what his company looks for in an account: “What does the content look like? Does the feed have beautiful, original photos? Is the style of content what we’re looking for [for] the brands we’re working with? What’s their follower number and engagement rate?”  

Quality content always tops the charts. Original, meaningful, and sensible always win. So, make sure that you put your best foot, i.e., best content on Instagram.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know all the tricks of the trade of how to make money on Instagram, you are all set to start building your personal empire on Instagram. Access Instagram Guide to start your venture and earn! 

To know how to earn from Instagram, you need to choose any avenue you decide to go down, be sure to always keep your personal brand in mind and treat what you do as a business. The more you understand what it is you can offer, the stronger your message will be to potential collaborators!

Ever since its inception, Instagram has jumped to 700 million users, with 400 million actively using Instagram on a daily basis. Over 40 billion photos have been uploaded to date.

Critics may say that the dreamboat ride may be short-lived, but as we all know iconic stories often have stranger beginnings and histories to create.

Hopefully, by now you must have understood how to earn from Instagram.

Social Media can do a lot for your business growth if used the right way. To understand the complete manner in which Social Media can help you grow, enroll in our Social Media Certification Course.

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