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How To Make Organic Marketing Work For You

How To Make Organic Marketing Work For You
When it comes to starting social media marketing from scratch, many companies go in for an inorganic approach; however, for start ups, going all out may not be an option and it’s not something I recommend. So far we have achieved outstanding success with organically marketing all our start up clients.

The key is to provide great content in the form of a Blog. Even if you are a product company or an e-commerce company, or a services company which has nothing to do with content, it is imperative that you start sharing your experiences, or thoughts, or intangible accounts of how your product or service helps customers, so that the content is shared by people across various interest groups across all the social media platforms including Quora and Reddit which really help enhance your SEO rank and overall traffic.


Traffic Source Breakdown Heavily Dominated By Organic Marketing

A blog integrated on the website is a great traffic puller. You’d suddenly notice a spike in traffic if your blog gets shared across reddit and disqus forums along with Facebook, G+, Linkedin Groups and on Twitter; and once a customer enters the blog, his propensity to look up the main offering of the site becomes incredibly high, and hence the conversion rate increases. Ofcouse, reach and traffic is immensely triggered by reach and relevance. for example, a blog on lighting, during a festive season, can really help boost traffic for a company that deals in construction supplies; a blog on festive food can help a deals company in this season; and a blog on gifting trends can help several other categories of companies. Essentially one can draw various angles out of the same event and create a blog that is relevant and has some recency value. This multifaceted thought process obviously increases your ROI. That said, the best thing about organic marketing is, your ROI is always traffic
Identifying and creating content that your customer base would like, is tricky. However, one can use available dashboards to congregate RSS feeds from famous international blogs from similar companies, to stay up to date with what’s happening in the industry and what customers are already exposed to. This definitely helps identify and create content.mirrors
So far, my company has worked with a lot of start ups targeting a niche and those targeting masses, and we have seen the content strategy designed along a blog, work extremely well in both cases. We started this approach with an analytics blog; went on to building a shopping travelogue for an Indian Ethnic Apparel e-commerce start up that sourced material from across India, then created a design blog for a building and construction material market place, and a food blog for a social sharing deals site… and that’s not the end;  the growth rates have ranged from 100% to 600% in a few months’ time, with an average 20% growth rate in traffic month on month for all of the above.
Many a times, we come across content that seems to be great but isn’t backed by numbers. The idea behind any organic marketing is to analyse the kind content, media, kind of audience you are reaching out to vis a vis the audience you want to reach out to, and sales figures, on a continuous basis. I spend the first half an hour analysing reports everyday, before I start work. This is what gives me an idea on how my day should be planned and what I need to be doing across all clients for the next week. This also helps me set goals and check if we are on track.
While content is king, the numbers are the reality check one needs to measure week on week. While the percentages stated above are indicative enough, the trick is to evaluate where the traffic is coming from and what kind of content is getting relatively higher traction. and building on it. While ground breaking marketing campaigns do build initial traction, the right organic marketing approach helps keep the the month on month figures on an upward trend.
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