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How to make the right selection of Call to Action button?

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Usually when you ask people about the three main elements of a landing page, maximum of theirs choice would include – Call to Action button.

CTA plays an important role in conversion and in fact you would also want to create it in a manner that your visitors would want to notice and click it. However, the sad part is that majority of site owners consider testing of CTA button as a hit and trial thing. Although there is nothing wrong in saying that it is all about the guessing game, but categorizing it as ‘educated guessing’ is a key phrase here.

Today in this post, we will discuss combinations of Call to Actions that can work best for your conversions.

Prioritize your decision

As many experts speak about the importance of having a single CTA per page, but there are many that would also want to add another. Therefore, it is essential for you to clear which of the two CTAs is your priority.

For example, a college website creates a landing page during the admission season that on one part talks about form fill-up, which is related to the revenue of the organization and on the other part speaks about downloading the prospectus. Therefore, in such a case, there has to be one CTA about completing the sign-up form and the other about downloading the course brochure. Now the problem that arises here is which out of the two should be their primary CTA?

Most of you might be thinking that form submission is the primary aspect of the landing page. However, if I say the previous year statistics reveal that 2000 visitors submitted their forms directly and on the other hand let’s suppose, only 1000 visitors downloaded the brochure and 300 of them paid the fee.

This result clearly shows that ‘download brochure’ should be the primary CTA.

However real life testing can be a lot different and involve a lot more revenue than just the revenue conversion rate of individual CTAs. Therefore, what you can do is categorize the both the call to action button on different variable and score them. The one that receives maximum points can be your primary CTA.

Moreover, it is also important to understand that even if you have 2 CTAs on a single page, they both should be related to each other and the ultimate conversion rate for both the CTAs should be the same.

Some other factors that can result in high converting CTAs are:

Text on CTA button

One important thing your call to action button should speak about is ‘why should I click this?’ You might have seen the Firefox button. People see this button every time they download Firefox, but they do not read the entire page before clicking this button. This is because the text of the button clearly communicates what would you be downloading. It further customizes with essential details such as the language.

CTA color

The color of your CTA should be in stark contrast to your background color. It should be vibrant enough to catch the attention of the visitors in the very first glance. Probably, you can use the color which has not been used anywhere in the website.

CTA size

In this case, bigger is better. However, when you are talking about 2 CTAs on a single page, then reducing the size of your second CTA makes sense.

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