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Thousands of businesses globally use email as their preferred mode of marketing. With benefits like low-cost, easy tracking, low investment costs and share-ability it makes great sense to use it as a marketing tool. But with all the daily hulla-boo, is your email reaching the right audience or is it sitting idle and unread in thousands of email boxes?

There have been many proven researches that email marketing is more cost effective than traditional media, driving sales of more than 20 percent than that of conventional media. Here are a few handy tips that you can follow right away to improve the click through rate of your emails and generate more leads:

  • Sender must be a person and not a company: A sense of trust is generated when an email is sent by a person. It has been proven that the average rate of opening an email improves if it is sent by a person and not a company.
  • Hyperlink the images: Images are visually more appealing than long texts; people are more likely to click an image than click texts. Hence making images clickable leading to a suitable landing page makes good sense.
  • Catchy headline and preview text: The headline and the first few lines of the email determine whether or not the end recipient will open the mail.  Giving a teaser in the preview line would give an idea of the content inside the email and compel the user to open the email and glance through it.
  • Don’t always promote: Always sending promotional mails would dilute the person’s interest in opening the mail in the future. Keep sending rich content that would help the person. Like a few tips, facts or DIYs that help us in our daily lives. This helps in creating a trust leading to more chances of your email being read in future.
  • Email design and template: Make sure that the email template is designed and optimized to be read on cross platforms like mobile tablets or readers. Use cleaner interface making it easier on the eyes of the user.
  • “Read more” links: In case your textual content is highly rich but lengthy for an email its always best to use the “read more” link, giving only a teaser of the actual content and leading the user to the main website through the link. This is a great way to increase traffic to your website too.

These tips can actually get your well written mails the treatment they deserve while also improving the click-through rates, open rates and lead generation rates for you mails.

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