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How to manage your online reputation using Social Media?

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Social Media not just helps people getting closer, but also help various brands to get closer to their customers. Although, this is one of the main benefits of social media that it helps businesses to be in touch with their customer base, but at the same time it is also important to understand that social media engagement tends to be quite a demanding work.

There was a time when only hospitality industry businesses bothered in building an online reputation with their customers. However, with the development and rising importance of social media, online reputation building has become a necessity across board. Moreover, now business that are involved in any space of work need to invest in order to maintain their online reputation.

In fact nowadays, before taking any product or service, users usually go ahead and check some of the reviews posted by the people. It has been found that nine out of ten people trust reviews from random customers posted on review websites. Therefore, overall we can say that online reviews have an important role to play in B2B scenarios as well.

It is important for you to be on right social networks.

Creating a presence on any social networking channel is not an easy way to show your presence on social media. It is important to ensure that you make a robust presence on the social network that is popular with your core customer base. For instance, if your products are targeted towards teenagers, then channels such as Facebook, Vine and Tumblr can prove to be beneficial. Similarly for different target audience, you need to decide, which channel will work best for you.

Try to get positive reviews from your customers.

It is usually seen and noticed that in comparison to happy customers, unhappy ones usually tend to write more online reviews. Therefore, in order to counter this effect, there are organizations that often urge their clients to work hard at spreading awareness of every positive review that they receive.

If any of your customer write good reviews about your products, you can reply them back with a thank you message. This makes the customers feel proud and honored. A large number of positive reviews can simply suppress your negative reviews.

Engage with customers that write negative about your products/services

If someone has written any negative review about your organization, you cannot simply sit quietly and post it on your network. It is important for you that you engage with them and discuss with them things lacking in your services and how you can make them better. Many a times you can convert a complaint to a positive review.

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