How To Market Your Brand Like A Movie Premiere

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The movie premiere is one of those events that won’t make the film better but can definitely have an impact on the reception of the film by the public. It is the same with marketing a product or a brand; done right, you can generate interest in a product, even going beyond the assumed target market. By taking the concept of a movie premiere and applying it to your marketing millennial, you can create a red carpet campaign that will get people talking about your brand.

1. Consider your Goals

The first thing a party planner does is decide the purpose of the event. Is this event meant to generate a buzz? Do you want to celebrate a ground-breaking achievement in cinema? Highlight the cast?

Similarly, what you want to plan is what your goal for the campaign for your brand is.

From there event planners pick a venue that matches the event goals and the style of the film. For marketers, the venue is where the campaign will take place: radio, television, online?

Maybe you want it to be in a luxurious location to attract the cream of the crop. Perhaps you want it to be an event that builds community and solidifies your fan base – so that means knowing your audience, finding out where they are and following them there.

source: onlydates

source: onlydates

2. Think Outside the Box – and Off the Red Carpet

Movie premieres always seem to have a red carpet because it represents ‘Hollywood Glam’ historically associated with films – and it is such a cliché. Similarly, marketing campaigns always text, television and social media components.

Be creative and unique. Like a movie premiere might use a different coloured carpet to really make the event stand out – like at the premiere for Avatar, the “Red Carpet” was actually Blue – you can do something your competitors aren’t doing. Use a social medium that no one else is on yet, you’ll at least get people talking because you were an early adopter.

Maybe create a series of short films that aren’t promotional at all, like this video that went viral before people realised it was an ad campaign.

Source: refreshstudio

Source: refreshstudio

3. Do something newsworthy

Event planners know that it shouldn’t be scandalous, but that people will want to talk about and get involved in needs to happen. If it’s social and shareable that will bring about even more buzz for the film.

For example, in the Sony Pictures worked with Guinness World Records to the record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Smurfs in multiple venues. With 4,891 participants from 11 countries, the news coverage was global!

Similarly, for a marketing campaign, your aim should be to get people picking up your campaign naturally because it is out of the ordinary and relates to something they are interested in.


4. Look for Sponsors

Movie premieres always have sponsors and the higher the calibre of people in the film, the better the sponsors are. Event organisers approach shops, breweries, restaurants, magazines and any other companies they think are relevant to the film and that will enhance the experience of the premiere.

Similarly, think to partner with other brands or products – ones that don’t compete with what you’re trying to do, but will enhance the experience of the campaign. You can also look for a spokesperson – and they don’t have to famous, there should just be a mutually beneficial agreement. offering.

Perhaps you’re weak in one social medium, like Twitter, but strong on Facebook. Perhaps you would like to migrate to a new medium, like Snapchat. An excellent example of this was when Wet Seal hired teen social media queen Meghan Hughes to man their Snapchat account for a weekend. They gained new Snapchat and Twitter followers and she expanded her fanbase by tapping into the Wet Seal brand.

5. Plan the After Party

After the show is the after party then…

Event planners know the importance of a good after party. They organise something that relates to the theme of the film and organize something fun that stays true to the film while being completely tasteful.

Even after the campaign has been launched, you need to keep the momentum going with relevant activities, giveaways and other things that set the stage for the feeling you want your target market to walk away with.


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