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Let’s accept the fact that we spend more time with our mobile phones than we do with our loved ones. It’s the one thing that we can’t do without.  Mobiles are no longer just a phone, it has become the sole place to connect with people share our social lives and almost manage our entire businesses.

The shift from desktop computers to mobile devices has heavily impacted the way we market our products and services. Checking and sending E-mails are given to be one of the most performed activities over a smart phone or a mobile device (like tablets) and it still owns a huge chunk of share in mobile advertising and marketing. It thus becomes highly important for us to understand how we can optimize and present our deals to potential customers in a better way. Here we suggest a few tips that can help catch your audience’s attention amongst the plethora of emails that one receives every day:

  • Understand that the users do not have much time to read promotional emails, and you have almost a blink of a second to catch their attention. Use catchy subject lines and pre header to deliver a compelling reason to the recipient to open the email and go over it once.
  • Even though we have 3g (now even 4g) connectivity over mobiles, heavy images still take time to load. Reducing image size or using low resolution images helps reduce the email load time.
  • Call to action links or buttons that are included in the mail can have a larger font size. Provide spaces between links to prevent accidental clicks. Since most smart phones these days are touch based, it becomes easier for the user to click the link and reach the desired landing page.
  • The landing page must be mobile optimized as well to compliment the mail. It should be short, crisp and to-the-point and must talk exactly what was mentioned in the mail
  • Include social sharing links in the mail it self. This greatly helps in spreading your message to a larger audience that may have remained un-tapped.
  • Do not clutter the message with too much text or images. Keep it short. Longer messages do not come in the entire screen and it becomes frustrating for the reader using a mobile phone to continuously scroll down to read the message. The original essence of the message is dissolved mid way.
  • Keep in mind the various mobile platforms being used by the users. Format mails that are compatible with most devices, iOS and Android being the leaders.

Though this is not a mandate, but taking these few measures into consideration can prevent you from losing potential clients and help you boost the responsiveness of your audience.

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