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E-commerce websites feature a lot of content, images, ads and offers, most of which does not match to consumers’ interests. For businesses to sustain themselves successfully for a long term must customize their websites according to consumers’ needs & preferences and create shopping experiences relevant to them. The increasingly competitive environment makes it important for the brands to get the right message to the right person at the right time.

So how do you go about doing that?

  • Every time the user logs in to your website, showing their name on the home page helps to strike a connection between the customer and your brand. When you tell the buyers that you know them and make them feel welcomed, they will definitely want to come back.


  • One of the biggest steps towards personalization is to help the people to find the things that they would be interested in buying. Learning more about your customers through their previous browsing history will help you to provide them with options that best match with their search histories. It also helps you to create personalized discount coupons for returning customers.


  • Engaging customers has been one of the under invested elements in this case. Repeat purchases and loyal customers are what every company today desires of, but it often gets limited to the occasional email newsletter. Personalized e-mails to customers who have abandoned their shopping carts or publicizing shopping events through social media are good ways to keep your audience engaged.


  • Improve by change the offers on the shopping cart to which a customer has already responded. Shorten the customers’ journey to the shopping cart especially for the repeat customers.


  • Adding product recommendations are one of the easiest and the smartest way to personalize your user’s shopping experience. Suppose a customer is looking for a pair of jeans, your site can suggest matching top, footwear or accessories. Buyers will appreciate when they see that you are paying attention to them.


There is no magic formula to success in the eCommerce game. But keeping these few tips in mind before building an eCommerce store will definitely pay off in the long run. The goal is to provide smarter communication with customers 24×7 and control every aspect of how customers connect with your e-shop. Personalizing your e-commerce store is what that sets you apart from your competitors.

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