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How To Plan Video Content For The Web?

How To Plan Video Content For The Web?

The programing department is the creative heart of every network. The department is responsible for the production of all on-line communication of the network.

The communication on the web has three stages to it, they are in the order as follows…

  1. Content – A compelling message of interest to the viewers – Step 1
  2. Clarity – Clear message using the best technical tools – Step 2
  3. Creativity – Innovative ways to communicate the message without compromising on content & clarity – Step 3

The key Programing functions in the web are are…

  1. Original Content Development
  2. Original Content Sourcing
  3. Content Management
  4. Content Promotion
  5. Content Scheduling
  6. Content Performance Review

Original Content Development For The Web

  1. In-House Production – The network commissions few productions suitable for its viewer base using in-house creative & crew.
  2. Out-Sourced Production – The network commissions few productions to external production houses who either own a particular format or is capable of producing a particular concept as per the requirement of the network.
  3. Develop content to meet the needs of the market for better return on investments. These are market driven content called Advertiser Funded Programs which works to promote the values of the brand in a creative and engaging way.

Original Content Sourcing For The Web

  1. Purchasing of produced content like cinema. Cinema has mass appeal and can produce many bi-products which are entertaining for the web. The network can buy the digital rights of the cinema and also gain access to its making, behind the scene content, artist and crew. Cinema can also give access to all the promotional content developed around the film.
  2. Selling the viewer base to external production houses who have original content. This is the classic model where the viewer base is sold to an slot buyer. The slot buyer then produces the content and host them in the network and have a revenue share agreement with the network.growth-in-video-web-traffic

Content Management For The Web

  1. Managing the traffic of content to ensure regular disruption free streaming
  2. Ensure that the content adheres to the technical quality standards of the network
  3. Ensure that the content adheres to the broadcast standards and practices of the network/government
  4. Content Archiving for future use.

Content Promotion For The Web

  1. Informing the online viewers about the bouquet of content available with the network.

Content Scheduling For The Web

  1. Ensure that the content reaches the maximum viewers by choosing the right time slot for hosting.
  2. Fight competition content with appropriate content available. Keep a track of what competition is doing and ensure that the networks content is better.

Content Performance Review For The Web

  1. Review the content reach, stickiness and its demand among the viewer.
  2. Review the competitions content
  3. Develop strategies to improve content based on reach, stickiness and demand.

The Roles Of The Video Content For The Web Are:

The roles of Programing Department for the web are creative, technical and management.

The three main genre of content  in the web are…

  1. Fiction – Serials, Sit-Coms etc
  2. Non-Fiction – Reality Shows, Game Shows, Chat Shows, Current Affairs, Comedy gigs, Music, Events, Sports, Documentaries, Infomercials etc
  3. Movies

Stages of Production For Video Content For The Web

  1. Pre-Production
  2. Production
  3. Post-Production

Pre-Production For The Web

  1. Research
  2. Format
  3. Budget
  4. Sales Pack
  5. Casting
  6. Crew
  7. Recce
  8. Scheduling

Production For The Web

  1. Set Work
  2. Lighting
  3. Technical
  4. Scripting
  5. Shooting

Post-Production For The Web

  1. Ingesting of Raw Content
  2. Synchronisation of Raw Content From A Multi Camera Shoot
  3. Rough Cut
  4. Final Cut
  5. Sound Mixing
  6. Graphics & Special Effects
  7. Quality Check
  8. Standards & Practices Review

Original Content is King, This content has to clearly communicated using creative means.

Your video content strategy should include:

An objective

It could be immediate and measurable, such as connecting with a younger audience or equipping your sales team or brand ambassadors with a visual engaging tool. Or it could be long-term, such as brand perception improvement, or simply telling your company story or the story of a recent event.

A story

Who are you? Why do you do what you do? What information, feeling, or action are you trying to convey, communicate, or inspire?

A voice

Be genuine and authentic, and speak to your target audience in a way they will respect.

A content editor

If you have narrative, text, or a sequence of events that needs clarity of message, consider hiring an editor familiar with interactive content.

Time commitment

Where is your audience viewing your video and how long will they focus on it? Be sure the length matches the purpose of the video and respects your audience’s time constraints. Less is more.

About The Author:

Aldam Jacob has been working in media for the past 22 years. He is Currently working as the Network Head for Non-Fiction heading TV programs and events in four languages of the Sun TV Network Ltd, overseeing non-fiction content in 32 channels since October 2009. 

Image Credits: webbiquity

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