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How To Rule Content Marketing in 2016

How To Rule Content Marketing in 2016

A Brief Introduction

With the passage of every year, the SEO is experiencing updations. Year 2015 taught us new things and so is expected from 2016. Even we left many of the points in 2015. But during the whole 12 months tenure, one Digital marketing technique ruled the realm i.e. Content Marketing. In 2014, it was stated that “only 24% of content marketers said they had a good ability to measure content ROI”. But soon its importance was well known to every marketer. In 2015, the overall spending on content increased.

The rule of content marketing begins in February 2011, when Google introduced Panda update. Since then, with the addition of numerous updates, content started becoming more and more vital part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Its importance is still on the heights. So, I have collected the data from wast online knowledge pool and assembled them all in the form of a complete handbook of content marketing for 2016.

(a) Why I wrote this Blog?

Being the dominating factor of SEO, most of you will require to apply right strategy so as to increase your lead generation. Strategy is what can let you to success, if made wisely; else it will let your money drain without any ROI (Return of Investment). With this handbook, you can learn the knowledge of content marketing and will be able to create your own plan for developing awesome content that can revert a lead from every aspect.

(b) Who can read this Blog?

From a newbie to professionals, whosoever wants to learn all about the past, present and expected future of content can go through this book? Even you are an entrepreneur, running a digital marketing firm, you must read this guide to either make amendments to your existing strategy or develop a new one. For every business, you need to represent your expertise via content.

(c) For whom, this Blog will be beneficial?

This book is majorly focused for those business owners who are highly dependent on content strategy in order to grow their online business and brand awareness. But learners are not bounded anyhow to study this booklet and gain the knowledge of this SEO technique. They can too put an eye from any of the topic in this booklet and start reading it without any hurdle.

(d) Digital Marketing Trends in 2016

In 2016, few off-page activities were told to be forgotten, whereas few of them are booming in the industry. When I talk about dead off-page techniques then, traditional link-building is almost dead. That time of collecting countless un-authoritative links are of no use. Instead, they impact your website adversely.

top rated digital marketing technique_2015 vs 2016

Image Source:

According to the online research made by smart insights, content marketing is rated to be the second highest trend in 2016, with a steep increase as compared to 2015.

Apart from content, mobile based SEO as well as social media marketing has also experienced inclination in its demand.

(e) What we Left in 2016 & what’s new Expected

2016 is going to be a new experience for all the newcomers and existing ones in SEO field. In SEO, where on-page as well as off-page factors matter a lot, content plays a vital role in both these categories.

Coming to the point, in 2015, we have lost liking to unusual website. The links from irrelevant website that only increase total links count is highly discouraged. SEO, which was earlier defined as getting more and more backlinks (regardless of their quality), is now re-defined as the technique of getting strong backlinks from popular websites.

As in the closing months of 2015, a new artificial intelligence tool was invented which is a machine learning technology called RankBrain.  With this, the use of different content formats is demanded. Video content, visual/graphic content, text market, all are in demand with full swing. One other reason for these formats of content, being in use is the plan of Google to introduce Google Glass, this year which will offer voice-based operations.

(f) Content Marketing: Introduction

Content marketing can better be explained as developing content with unique and useful information that have the capability to draw as much viewers as it can. The content marketing is performed to attract the users generating brand popularity along with superior user-engagement.

Image Source:

1996 is the year which is taken as the birth year of content marketing. With the passage of time, it became an important part of SEO and start merging within it for better results either organically or inorganically (PPC, Affiliate, email marketing, etc).

                Here in 2016, content marketing is going to be at highest priority because of its high demand to grab good search results as well as better brand awareness over the Internet.

Tactics to make your content Popular

Now up to this stage, you are much aware about the currently on-going digital marketing trends. It’s time to find out different ways you can opt to make your content popular. You all are well aware about the power of social media. So here too, with other techniques, we will use social media to make our content popular.

(a) Popularize through Facebook

Facebook business page has become important to publicize your business on this social network. On Facebook, Reach is everything. The more your business page/content post reached the users, the more it will become marketable.

  • Adding Open Graph Markup is the first important thing to cover before publishing your content. It helps Facebook to better understand your content and make it graph markup
  • Be punctual while posting your content post. To get most out of Facebook users, post your content at 1PM (to maximize your shares) and 3PM (to maximize your clicks). If you are running lack of timings, you can schedule your post.
  • Eye-catching images have been proved as a successful factor in maximizing your Facebook reach. You can make use of online tools like Canva, Pikochart and more similar.
  • If you are having big pockets, you can even boost your content through Facebook paid ads. But this prescription is only in case you are having money to invest on it, else prefer other tools & methods.
(b) Popularize through Twitter

In the list of micro-blogging sites, twitter is the king of all. Highlighting some facts about twitter, it handles nearly 24 billion search queries on a monthly basis (Interestingly, it’s more than Bing and Yahoo’s search metrics).You can also boost your content with the help of 144 characters on your twitter.

  • Same as OpenGraph tags, twitter too use its own technology called twitter cards, which helps to share the content in a systematic format. In case you are running a WordPress based site, you can add the desired plugin to perform the same function for you.twitter cards
  • While tweeting your blog-post, prefer to mention your top followers, as they will get an update regarding your tweet. This strategy helps to call your followers onto your post and if they like the content, they will too share it via social platforms.mention yout top followers
  • To add spark to your content, try to interact with the niche influencers. Suggest them your content. If they find it interesting, they can re-tweet them onto their profile, providing a large user space to read your content.
(c) Guest Posting

Guest posting was marked as spam few months back, but it’s not anymore a spam if used with right strategy. It is basically defined as writing a piece of unique content and posting on others blog/website as a guest author. With a link back to your website, website strength will increase dramatically. Guest blogging is the best and smarter war to garner your knowledge in from of your audience. Follow following rules to attain maximum from it.

  • Always run a complete research before selecting a website for guest posting. A website that makes your content live, without moderating it is of no use. The site will probably contain thin and irrelevant content.
  • Maintain an impressive quality instead of heeding on quantity only. According to the facts, almost 20% of all my guest post got rejected. So, follow the guidelines prior to submitting your content.
Image Refrence:

Image Refrence:

While implementing this strategy, you can follow either of the two ways. Either you firstly develop a strong content and then reach different blogs to post it. Or you can get in touch with different blogs with your idea of topic and after getting their approval, present them with your content. This phase is also called content outreach, which is better explained by the help of content outreach pyramid.

(d) Email Marketing

Email marketing is the currently in demand technique to generate maximum revenue from the business. It was too earlier kept in a dead technique category, but unfortunately it was misinterpreted. Today, email marketing is the highly demanding plot used.

Once your content is live on the Internet, you can popularize it via emails. According to some facts, emails have open-rate of 22.87% with nearly 3.26% CTR (Click Through Rate). You need to purchase an email server to execute your email marketing strategy. Email service providers like MailChimp, CampaignMonitor are bulked with resources to build you up to professional level.

To get maximum from email marketing, firstly collect the list of people who are either in search of a blog similar to your content or the ones who love to read such blog posts. With a good collection of email list, you can start executing email-marketing technique. Send an impressive email proposal to each of the user stating about your new blog.Image source:

(e) Use LinkedIn:

Linkedin is remarked as the professional social site. So, it automatically provides a clean and beneficial platform to share your content and make it viral.

You can directly message influencers mentioning your content story and requesting them to like and share, if they find it interesting.

(f) Messaging Applications (Whatsapp, WeChat,LINE):

The present the market is flooded with numerous messaging applications. Whatsapp, WeChat, LINE are many more are there to beat each other. In the early days of 2015, marketing experts forecast the importance of messaging apps in content marketing.

– According to study made by Quartz, Buzzfeed people clicked the share-to-WhatsApp button more than Twitter’s. Another research by niemanlab stated that WhatsApp was hugely used for sharing news stories in November 2014.



            This almost clarifies that the chat distribution strategy can definitely make a change in popularizing your content.

(h) Paid Advertising (Dot For All):

If have started a business from scratch and is not having enough budgets to invest anywhere, then skip this step. But if you are well established in the market and is fully capable to invest in ads to content popularity.

Study states that mobile devices account for 52% of paid search clicks. So a visible part of population is mobile users. Google PPC campaign will help you more than organic device stats

Points to Heed in 2016

(a) Points to Adopt

With most of the knowledge (mostly with facts) are presented above, it’s time to let you know the points that need to heed in content marketing.  Store the following points in your mind and follow them precisely.

1- Highly Business niche Content: Relevancy is the Key! Whichever your field is, keep your blog/content highly relevant to the field. This will not only enhance the relation between the readers and your website, but also help you to rank better in search results.

2- Do more and more R&D: It’s a common fact that with the increase in rivals, high level of hard work required to be done in order to succeed in the race. Here also, to present an eye-catching content, you are required to do as much research as possible, prior to making it live.

3- Quality over Quantity: There is no doubt that lengthy content is likable, but not when it is having thin content. When the content is written for just the sake of blogging a lengthy content, it’s a total waste of time. Prefer to provide quality information to your visitors instead of making them bored and degrading your user-engagement. According to inbound research, the quality of a content decreases with the increase of quantity.

Image Source:

Image Source:

So, avoid frequent publishing blogs and focus of offering even single blog but with immense information and call to action resources.

User-friendly Content with Zero Linguistic errors

Even if you have collected good information, you must be able to showcase it in a well-structured format in front of the user. Proofread your content ahead of sending it for publishing or guest posting. Make it easy to read and limit your errors to zero.


It’s now time to summarize the booklet and bring a common conclusion of whole knowledge base. In 2016, the content marketing is really going to revolutionize the digital marketing.

Do you think any other point that is missed in this booklet?

Feel free to share your views in the comment box below.

Author Bio:

The ardor to learn something new, each and every day is what makes Ravinder agile in the field of SEO. The mastery over Digital Marketing is supplemented with the knowledge of Content Writing, which enhances the power of his overall strategy. Ravinder Tanwar has contributed on various sites. He’s passionate about entrepreneurship, startups, writing, web-designing and digital marketing. Tweet him on Twitter @ravinder3790 for a quick chat on any of these topics.




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