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show your customers that you really care

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We have often seen signs on the doors like ‘customer is our most important asset’ or ‘customer is always right’ to show how customer centric the business is. Showing your customers how much you care for them is the best way to win them for life.

But it is required to be done in the right manner. Some tips by which you can please your customers and rise above the noise by providing exceptional customer service are-

  • Take out some time to know your customers and ask their choices or requirements before serving them. A personalized service goes a long way in wowing people.
  • Especially in today’s digital world, a short hand written message makes the whole service quiet memorable. It is also a means to encourage employees to connect with customers.
  • Build sincere and reactive employees who act in accordance with the situation and not just confine themselves to formal norms of behavior. Proactively reach out to your customers with the issue they are facing or have faced. . Even if you need to make an extra effort to deliver a product, do it!
  • Ask for feedback and improvise on the criticisms you receive. Seek ideas from employees-they are the ones who are dealing with customers most often. At macro level, customer satisfaction survey determines a company’s actual position and gives thorough data to take corrective actions.
  • Step into your customer’s shoes and understand the problem they are facing, rather than explaining them why it can’t be done. The ‘I don’t care’ attitude of the person serving is what upsets the customers the most.
  • Act to customers’ query or respond to the customer to keep him in loop so that he knows his issue is being addressed to. Explain him clearly the entire plan of action.
  • Extended warranty as a gesture to existing customers serves as a great measure to retain customers and escalate brand loyalty. Priority services also act as a great deal for customers who are frequent users, as they motivate the existing customers and attract new ones as a part of niche community.
  • Keep your customers informed of what you’re are doing for them. It can be done either through a news letter or email or even through a phone call. Keeping in touch with old clients will provide you opportunities to grow your business as they often have referrals to give you.


It is not just goods and service that customers demand for. They want you to care for them and appreciate them. It is extremely important to develop a trustworthy relationship with your customers. Conveying your integrity and transparency increases your client base and build reputation for exceptional customer service.

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