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How to survive Gmail’s new Promotions Tab?

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We all are aware about Gmail’s new promotions tab as some concerned marketers might have even mailed you some concerned messages about you getting their emails in the past few weeks.

Overall, it seems that Gmail has decided that they are better than you in organizing your mailbox so they have sorted your messages into three categories – one of which is called promotions.

Probably, this new change might have brought a question in your mind – is this change going to hamper your email marketing efforts?

The answer to which is, it depends. Depending upon how good your email marketing campaigns are, most of the marketers believe that this change will be a good thing for them. If your readers are really engaged with you, they are not going to ignore your emails just because it is being shown in a different tab now. In fact, putting your emails in a special tab will allow your readers to devote more attention to them. However, there is also a fact attached to the same, which says email companies are reporting a drop in the open rates. Although this drop is not a drastic drop, but a percent of point 2 or more can make a material change to your bottom line.

Therefore, do not panic and think of some smart methods through which you can get your message delivered to your best customers and prospects.

Some simple methods through which you can ensure that your business doesn’t get whacked by the promotions tab are discussed below. However, if you have come up with your own strategy, you can share it below in the comments section.

Try to focus on your most engaged customers

Every business has some customers and fans that are crazy about their products and services. It is important that you give more love to your rabid fans. Instead of writing for everyone with a pulse, write for a narrow, well-defined and passionate segment of your audience.

Create clear and interesting subject lines

Since now your emails would be reflected in a separate tab, it is important that you create interesting and appealing subject line that would grab the attention of the reader at one go.

Primarily, it needs to be so useful and seem like they had been looking for that information from a long time. Therefore, if you want to increase your email open rates, make sure that create emails with some useful stuff.

Create time-sensitive offers

If you want to ensure that your audience makes your email a priority, it is important that you start sending them time-sensitive offers.

If you are sending some juicy deals with time sensitive offers, your audience would not want to miss out that deal and will start looking for your emails more regularly. Therefore, at this stage you do not have to worry even if your email is listed under promotions tab as your users will start dropping your emails in ‘primary tab’ now.

For important emails, provide blog and social media cover

Remember, we spoke about your rabid fans? Now these fans would also love to hear from you in their favorite social media channels. If you are already there, you can use the social media to inform people about your upcoming emails and what important deals should they not miss in these emails.

However, also make sure that you are not doing this with every email, which would obviously make you sound lame. However, if you have some time sensitive offers or some really interesting information that you want your users to see, you can use your social media account to remind your users to check their inboxes.



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