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How To Use Meta Tags To Own 1st Page Of Google Search Results

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In the fierce battle for that coveted top search rank on Google, web analysts and management teams are testing each and every tool under the sun. However, there are some simple yet effective tools which are generally overlooked. One of them is the Meta Tag. Meta tags can go a big way in improving your Google rank when the efficiency of other tools is either ineffective or unsaturated. Let us learn about how Meta tags can be utilized as a powerful medium to boost your search page ranking on Google.

How to use Title Tags?

Title tags are the headings of the different websites which appear on the search page in larger and bold font when we search for a particular word or phrase on Google. For example, when we search for the keyword “Water Removal” on Google, we can see the following page:-



  • The title tags should not be more than 8-9 characters long and should not contain more than 65-70 characters.
  • The title tags must not just contain the name of the company. It must contain the search keywords within it. This helps the page to show up higher on the search page. For example, in the above example, the top search for “water removal” keyword contains the exact keyword in its title tag.

How to use Meta description?

Meta description refers to the small description of different websites which appear on the search page when we search for a keyword or phrase. For example, when we search for “Water Removal”, we get the following search page:-



  • The Meta description for a website should be at most 25 words long.
  • Remember that Meta description is not something that Google throws up at its will randomly. Meta description is defined by the website developers. A more powerful and relevant description helps websites to rank higher in the Google searches. For example, in the above search, the first result description is more compelling than the second one since the former talks about the “quick response”, “water damage emergency”, “24 hours/ 7 days availability” and a “professional solution to your problem”.

How to write Meta keywords?

Meta keywords are an attribute of the Meta tags. They are comma separated words that describe the subject and the topic of the page. They are the indicative words which throw clues regarding what the page is all about. The following points should be kept in mind with respect to the Meta keywords:-

  • A page should have 7-8 Meta keywords
  • If one of the Meta keywords is the location of the city, then do not put a comma before the name of the city. For example, if you are a construction company in Delhi, choose the Meta keywords as “construction company Delhi” rather than “construction company, Delhi”.
  • Meta keywords don’t directly help you in a higher search rank at Google, but helps indirectly by augmenting your “Quality Score”.
  • Meta keywords still help in higher search ranks in secondary search engines like MSN etc.

Remember to define Title tags, Meta tags and Meta keywords for each page of your website rather than just your home page. Each page of your website has the potential to attract Internet users. Once the user visits any of your pages, there is a high probability of him browsing through the other pages of your website as well. With 33% of the traffic getting diverted to the top Google search website, you will never like to overlook the power of Meta tags.

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    • 5 years ago

      Priya Bhatiani   /   Reply

      hi Tarun, nice article. I feel that meta keywords can also help to reduce unwanted traffic on the website and in turn can also help the company to reduce its PPC.

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Very much informative post by Mr. Jain. Would you please mention the formal sequence of Title tag, meta tag, meta key words and meta description?

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