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How to use Webinars for building relationships with your prospect and customers?

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You might have noticed that nowadays a lot of people are leveraging webinars in order to generate leads for their business. However, the question is, do webinars work only for this? They can be judged to be fantastic in this task, but the fact is that you can use them for creating engagement with your existing and potential customers.

Depending upon your business goals, webinars can be used in different ways. The more creatively you approach them, the better business results you would see.

Today, in this post, we will discuss about two different webinar models that can help in creating deeper connections with your prospects or the existing customers.

Let’s begin by understanding a simple definition of webinars. They are web based events, which are usually live and incorporate audio and visual element along with attendee interaction. They are considered to be a powerful customer communication tool because they bring together 3 powerful elements, which are – customer interaction, audio and visual elements including videos.

The two most beneficial uses of webinars include the Q&A session and the group coaching that it delivers.

Building your business through the Q&A session of the webinar

Q&A session in the webinar can be a great learning process for your audience as it can help them to solve the innumerable questions that have related to a specific topic you are covering.

However, during these sessions, you need to pay close attention to the recurring questions or themes as these are the signs that your market might be ready for a new product.

Moreover, if you are also willing to go ahead an extra mile, you can also record the Q&A session and post it on your blog or even mail it to your list. This can make great bonuses for your email newsletter subscribers.

The questions that you usually address during the Q&A session of the webinars are the ones that lots of other customers have as well. Therefore, when you solve real customer problems, you actually put yourself at the head of the pack in your niche.

Delivering value through webinar-based group coaching

Webinars can be considered an opportunity for conducting a sort of group coaching, where your audience get some valuable advice related to a topic of their interest.

However, when you conduct a session, you also need to ensure that your audience is getting the right outcome from the same. In order to ensure the same, you need to focus on what you are putting together in the session. This should include:

  • An outline of your session, which includes details on topics that you would be covering in a one hour session.
  • Step-by-step process to ensure that you accomplish the results that you have promised.
  • Support in case your audience has missed something valuable during the live session, you can either do a blog post or send them a recording of the session.

Always remember that no matter how large your email list grows, every number still represents a unique nature of an individual with their own fears, desires and dreams. It is your duty to ensure you stay connected to what those are and how you can best serve them.


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