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How To Write a Captivating Blog Post

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Onset or Opening: “Well begun is half done”.  A ‘catchy title’ and and ‘impressive opening’ can work wonders for a blog. The first thing

encountered by reader is ‘beginning’ so get ready to work for catching attention of users.

Content inception: ‘Content is king’, it is essential fuel for running social media wagon. Not only blog requires a captivating content but also from which source it is coming is important. Content becomes more relevant when it is user generated. There are various ways for creating user-generated content- interviews, contests, polls, comment- feedback loop, etc.

Prominent and captivating headers: Most of us would sulk reading lengthy paragraphs, articles, so why you want to torture your reader with long scripts, try to break down your post into postulates. Add suitable headers for each sect.

Relevance: “Don’t run around the bush” instead stay glued to topic. Keep yourself in reader shoes and create value to your post by being precise and concise. Remember reader time is precious; create content that is useful for reader. Add gravity to your post by sharing practical tips and experiences.

Call to action: “urging your reader to take action”- stays the ultimate goal. The real challenge lies in getting your reader to take action without being domineering in nature.

Writing style: Now last but not least writing style, which is most crucial for success of post. ‘XX might be an expert in his forte but is sloppy in expression’ then his knowledge becomes waste, as he can’t be beneficial for others. Remember, be clear and concise, and don’t sound preachy instead try to become conversational. So take care and try not to become “Clever Silly”.

I have shared these tips based on our experiences, but remember, “Rome was not built in a day” so don’t expect miracles overnight. It will take time and practice to execute all these tips. So keep your lamp glowing and might be after few days you will be sharing tips for “writing a good blog”.  So guys are you ready??

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