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How to write a successful Guest Post?

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It has been seen that most of blogger usually pump out the mantra ‘quantity over quality.’ However, if we see as such there are not any real strategies or long term benefits.

Today in this post, we will discuss some of the tactics that are crucial for writing successful guest posts. These tactics would further help you to increase your email subscribers, get coveted Google rankings and also a big head start on your content marketing goals.

A guest post should reflect outcomes and not merely direct people to Home Page

Whenever you write a guest post, you are also given an opportunity to write a small self-biography with a link that directs people to your blog. However, most of them make mistakes here as they really do not know where they should send those new readers to.

When readers click on the mentioned link, they are usually directed to the home page with no related content or posts. Here it is important to understand that you need to direct people to a specific outcome.

For instance, if the main motive of your guest post is to increase email subscribers, then you should direct the readers to a page that contains:

  • Landing Page or ad for an eBook – Adding eBook to your blog and giving it to the readers as a free incentive to subscribe will give you an opportunity to increase your subscribers.
  • Guest post on related topics – The best idea would be to write guest posts on topics that are closely related to the free giveaway.

Directing people to your home page is merely a waste of time. Use the links carefully to direct the flow of traffic towards your desired outcome or target.

A guest post should be targeted mostly at beginners

It might sound counter-intuitive, but most of the readers that interact with your content or subscribe to your email list are usually beginners.

Successful guest posts are the ones that focus perfectly on the topics, which are well digested for beginners. You should also try to write list posts or articles with an instructional tone and full of resources.

Each comment on your guest post should be answered

One of the most important activities that you should be engaged in after writing a guest post is sticking around it and answer every single comment that you receive on it.

It has been found that it is usually in the comments section that readers build long term relationships with the bloggers. Moreover, you can also enhance your brand in this section of your post.

There are many bloggers that announce their upcoming posts in the comments section and receive a good response for the same.

You can also share some of your guest post strategies that have worked for you in the comments section. All ideas are welcomed!


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