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How to write an effective product description?

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Imagine a scenario that you’re new in business; you’ve got great products/services; swanky new office and great ideas to take your firm sky high. Now pause.

With a lot of options available online, customers often check a product online before they go ahead and buy it through the website or the nearest retail shop. This changing consumer behavior has led most products to become high involvement products, which lead to impulsive buying. This is good for your business since impulsive buying is becoming the leading cause of increased revenues for businesses. But before everything starts think about your product. I’m sure it’s one of the best available in market but are you marketing it right with what you say about your products to your consumers online? Here’s how to write great product descriptions that sell.

1.) Buyer centric: A product is often designed around a specific set of audience. Understanding the mind frame of that audience is very important to make the product sell. For eg: If a top-notch luxury brand writes slangs it would lower the brand and product value.

2.) What’s more: However unique your product may be, there are chances there is a similar product available at a competitive price. In this case the buyer looks at extra benefits and perks that the product has to offer than its competitor.

3.) Web Content: The product must be described in the most original way possible. Copying content, plagiarism or similar sentences generally leads to lowering down the page rank by search engines which would affect the website traffic.

4.) Tell a tale: Everyone sells products, but a few sell a story. Build your product description around a story and the romance of using it. Product descriptions are the first step in creating your market niche.

5.) Let it be easy: Keep the language easy and simple to understand. Using tough words would keep the audience thinking and make them believe that the product is complex to use.

6.) Back-it up: Try avoiding superlatives like: No. 1, best etc. as much as you can unless it’s backed by a genuine source.

7.) Font: Use fonts that appeal to the feel of the product. Latin cursives would usually not go with superman tee shirts #Justsaying.

These are only a basic few points that can be considered while writing product descriptions. It’s best written by the person who understands the aura of the product. Though hiring a copywriter never hurts.

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