How Tourism Victoria Promoted Melbourne Via Social Media Marketing

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Tourism VictoriaAbout Tourism Victoria

Tourism Victoria is a tourism agency which is led by Victorian’s Government which provides foundation for industry growth. They are responsible for the growth and strengthening of tourism and events. Tourism Victoria looks for different ways to develop and realize the local and global potential for the agency.

 To grow their market potential Tourism Victoria creates innovative marketing campaigns for far reaching market exposure for both nationally and internationally. Tourism Victoria positions Melbourne and Victoria as a leading travel destination through various PR campaigns and familiarisations. They also provide indepth research and analysis about the places, expenditure and visitation. Tourism Victoria also works closely with state government’s air service for air fare negotiations to increase the tourism and air travel.

Marketing Goals & Objectives

Tourism Victoria was looking for promoting Melbourne and they wanted to grab the audience attention through different and innovative way of communication. Their strategy was to provide customer what they want rather than what agency wants. They wanted to create an experience what Melbourne has to offer for their audience the way it wasn’t done before.

Tourism Victoria wanted to break the clutter of same contents and communication. They wanted to create an experience for their audience in a different way which is communicative and innovative.

Marketing Campaign

Tourism Victoria

Tourism Victoria main strategy was to create an experience for their audience rather than just tagging it as a holiday destination. They wanted to connect with their audience through on personal, experimental and emotional level. Tourism Victoria came up with the campaign ‘Come Alive in Melbourne’.

Tourism Victoria

To promote the campaign and to make it successful they roped two well-known celebrity stand-up comedians named Tanmay Bhat and Rohan Joshi to travel Melbourne. The idea behind sending Tanmay and Rohan Melbourne was to send them places which are hand-picked by their core audience.

Tourism Victoria

They wanted audience to indulge more so they can experience the liveliest city Melbourne and to make the campaign a huge success. Their idea was to create a humorous interactive experience for their audience. They also decided to create short humorous videos shot at different locations of Melbourne and anchored by the comedians.

The idea was to create he buzz and make consumers interact, engage and share about it on social media platforms. Within 10 days they have created 27 unique travel experiences. These videos were then uploaded at YouTube and the website and they have shot the videos at different locations and attractions of Melbourne. They even shot some videos Tanmay and Rohan interacting with Melbournians to give it personal and emotionalTourism Victoria touch.

Throughout, the campaign they have promoted the videos and contents on different social media platforms and engaged with Tanmay and Rohan followers to increase the reach and for the uninterrupted communication throughout the campaign.

Results Achieved

Their outside approach worked for them. It generated a lot of buzz on social media platforms. Communicating the way audience wants worked for them and has increased their brands reach among the customers.

By creating videos of handpicked places and attractions by the audience they have create a long shelf life content which will guide other customers even after the campaign was over. Through their campaign have leveraged their customer reach as well as brand presence on social platforms.

During the campaign over 4 lakh people engaged and the engagement ratio was 15.44 percent. There videos had more than 3 lakh views. They have garnered 5 million impressions and the share of voice of Melbourne was increased by 13.2 percent.


Through social media marketing brands can easily communicate with their prospective customers and get to know about their expectations from the brand and products. It also increases the brand loyalty of the business and helps businesses gain some loyal customers through it.

It is a cost effective process and has high reach than traditional marketing platforms. Traditional marketing involve huge cost and its reach is not too far. Social media marketing also provides insight to business to understand their customers and market place better. Businesses can innovate their ideas and can easily monitor their campaigns results. It helps in increasing the brand awareness among the audience and increases the brands visibility.

Social media is a platform where audience can easily share their thoughts and contents and which can be passable easily. It helps brands to build their trust among their respective audience regarding their products. Social media also brings long term customers and helps the businesses developing the social relationship and to develop a brand voice.

Lots of similar contents are available on social media sites which makes it hard for brands to survive as the chances of attracting new customers became less because all the sites are providing similar things which they wanted to sell. But in the above article Tourism Victoria has understood the requirement of showcasing something out of the box thing and creating a valued longer self-life contents. Brands should think of different ideas to communicate with their audience in a best possible manner.

Image Credits: Tourism Victoria

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