HubSpot Increased Sales By 1,193% In 3 Years

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About the Company, HubSpot

hubspot-logoBased in Cambridge, Massachusetts, HubSpot is a company that develops and markets a software product for inbound marketing also known as HubSpot.

Founded in 2006 by Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the company advocates for the inbound marketing concept in its own marketing via annual inbound marketing report, webinars, Twitter, and viral videos.

HubSpot also offers tools for search engine optimization (SEO), landing pages, web analytics, content management, and social media marketing. The HubSpot suite of online tools has three primary applications namely lead tracking and intelligence tools; exposure optimization applications; and content management tools for creating or managing landing pages, forms, templates, and blogs. HubSpot also has integration features for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NetSuite,, and more.

Business Objective

HubSpot started on the grounds of becoming ‘The educational resource’ that users will trust upon. Therefore, in order to make users taste their services, HubSpot gave away the educational content for free. The objective of HubSpot was to become a brand in itself and increase sales without putting greater efforts like their competitors were doing.

Strategies adopted by HubSpot

Here are few of the strategies that HubSpot adopted in order to create a niche for itself in the market it was operating.

1. Create results before selling

The way they think about social media is different from others. They sell way more than others because they invest in prospects before they actually buy. HubSpot tends to create results for prospects before the prospects buy. Also, they offer free trials of software so that the prospects have a taste for their products. By teaching prospects crucial, new skills and solving huge problems for them (without any cost), HubSpot gets the confidence of the users in themselves.

2. HubSpot as trusted company

With the way of delivering their products and services, HubSpot has created enough trust that prospects either convert to customers or asks them for the sales at a higher rate.

3. Unique blogs, videos, and insights

We all place value for creating content either via videos, or blogs. But not all of us succeed at creating enough value to generate sales, right? Why HubSpot is successful and not others?

HubSpot shares and manufactures honestly new as well as powerful insights. They get a lot of attention from qualified customers most of the times as whenever HubSpot comes up with something, it is new and unique. One of the major examples is they own a new form of marketing that successful online marketing claim a stake in i.e. inbound marketing.

HubSpot is also the first to release guidebooks in order to target the market needs and gain success. Whenever there is some change in online marketing, HubSpot has always backed the market with a guide to get the best of that change.

4. Created an image of educational resource

With sharing the best and fast advice, they have earned a reputation of ‘The’ educational resource for the market they operate in. By giving knowledge and advice in the form of blogs, videos etc for free, they have made sure it is the very best stuff and reaches their audience without any hustle.

Results Achieved

HubSpot is considered to be one of the most sought after platforms for seeking advises relating to inbound marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and alike. In a matter of 3 years, HubSpot has increased its sales to 1193 percent by giving useful and powerful content to its prospects for free.


  • Tapping on the valuable parts of the market, they know how to target the market searches on Google.
  • HubSpot uses social media to solve problems of its users as a way to earn leads.
  • HubSpot with its every blog and articles either solve a problem or remove a pain.

HubSpot focuses on creating a response with social media and use that and that response is used to capture sales leads. The blog posts and videos are designed to create pleasure for the prospects. Here are Top 5 inbound marketing tips by HubSpot for startups that can help you attract qualified users and thereby, fill the sales funnel of your company.Key-Takeaways-from-Hubspot-2014-State-of-Inbound

What you can do is use short success stories to illustrate and prove how readers can create success for themselves. In order to invite potential customers, you need to lay out a ‘better way’ and be quick in inviting people.

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