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HubSpot Vs Marketo: Choose The Best Among Them

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This blog discusses key differences between Hubspot and Marketo. Read on to gain clarity on the same and make the right choice for your business.

Hubspot is ranked number 1 by the marketers all over the world whereas Marketo has managed to rank at number 4 only. The latter is used for social media activities and blogging unlike the former one which is easy to employ to carry out the activities. Hubspot is known for this ability to keep the marketing information at a single place which makes it quite easy to track ROI and campaign related reporting. Market on the other hand involves many tools making it difficult to gauge the effectiveness of a campaign.

Secondly, Hubspot allows integration of platforms and hence gives many benefits including time saving as there is a need to grasp the working of single software only, more potent tools as each can be used to access the data with the other, micro and macro reporting of the data as when as required and single log-in, line of support and a bill for whole marketing platform. Marketo on the other hand is not integrated software. There are many challenges faced in the process of product review such as problem in cutting through the data across various systems, missed out data during the transfer of the same many times between various systems, time and resources wastage in integration of data and lastly many log-ins, lines of support and bills.

Thirdly, Hubspot enhances the return on investment of both the inbound as well as conventional activities by enabling report (comprehensive) generation paving way for the merging of offline and online activities, in-depth observation of the leads to understand the data available, execution of well rounded inbound strategy through effective lead nurturing, behavioural understanding among others. Marketo is very focussed when it comes to email automation. The problems such as incorrect marketing insights, inability to see the bigger picture when the contacts interact from various systems with many touch points, high cost involved and time consumption that is experienced in inbound strategy reporting occur as it does not have good tools to manage the inbound activities.

Fourthly, Hubspot enables the marketers to get all-in-one meaningful reporting. This extends many benefits such as good understanding about the performance of the every single asset involved in a particular marketing campaign, micro and macro analytics done for each marketing tool such as emails, web analytics, social media or landing pages to name a few, easy analysis of impact of various marketing activities on few particular heads of the database and lastly, the integrated report generation without manual intervention. Whereas, the customers of Marketo generally use the marketing tools in addition to it making the reporting process difficult. The various metrics obtained by different tools puts the accuracy of the data in doubt.

The problems faced in the customer reviews using Marketo include delayed data collection for analysis of the same for the revenue cycle, complexity in the set-up to make the report functioning, inaccuracy in manual tracking URLs, less content analytics restricting smooth execution of future strategy and as many data analytics as marketing tools beyond Marketo.

Fifthly, Hubspot believes in the motto of solving the myriad problems of its customers ranging from customer support to software design. It has developed a multi-channel base in place of making all the marketing automation features possible. The reasons for the customers to rank Hubspot at number one position include its single interface meant for all the content tools making the learning process easier and faster, an editor (drag and drop) enabling you to change the layout of the website or landing page without any coding required, making the landing pages, blogs and emails interactive on various platforms including the mobile devices, inherent and easily navigable reporting tools and robust customer support system through the emails, phone and social media platforms at zero cost.

Marketo on the other hand, is meant for advanced marketers who are catered to by a learning curve. Its users face some problems in product reviews. These include separate interfaces for the blogs, emails or the landing pages, there is a need to provide customised code to make the emails and landing pages more responsive, HTML must be coded if the layout of the landing pages needs to be changed, customer support involves monetary investment and manual intervention in reporting.

The above mentioned differences in the two marketing automation software will help you gain an understanding on the same and help you choose the right one for a particular cause. From the above discussion, it is clear that Hubspot has the qualities to be ranked at number one position. The customers greatly admire it’s easy to use tool set in addition to the on-demand training programmes and trust worthy customer care support system that guides the customers as and when they require their service. Do not take it on its face value and have a look at the data that is presented below.

Hubspot is ranked number one by G2Crowd marketers and VentureBeat. The latter ranked it so in Marketing Automation Index. There are more than 40,000 Google search results with the phrase ‘I Love Hubspot’ in addition to a strong customer base with 10,000 customers. the similar statistics for Marketo shows that it was ranked at number 4 by the G2Crowd marketers and was placed at number 3 by VentureBeat in the marketing index. There are approximately 6,000 results with the phrase ‘I Love Marketo’ and the brand is having a customer base of 3,000 customers. The statistics is quoted not to show that Marketo is inferior to Hubspot but for a general understanding about the big brands.

Both of these have a different functioning mechanism and hence it would not be right to conclude something like that without analysing the facts in detail and using the marketing automation software for your business. Hope you enjoy reading about the interesting features of the two useful marketing software and will be able to choose the right one for you.

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